You could live here alone forever

A few years ago, I published a novel, Fourth of July Creek, which has, as its complicated antagonist, an isolated survivalist. Birthday home decoration pics People often ask me if the book is based on my family in Montana—a simple question with a complicated answer. Modern home interior design lighting decoration and furniture A book is made out of your experiences and your people, of course, but what drives a novelist is a central query, a nagging question.

Decoration home online For me, that question was whether it’s better to be free or good for society. Home decoration tips The character at the center of my novel bears no resemblance to my father, but the question can be traced back to my family of pioneers, ranchers, cowboys, and loggers. Home decor craft ideas diy They were the kind of people, living alone in the wilderness, of whom you’d have to ask such a question.

I visit my father in Montana a couple times a year, mostly to spend time with him and see my kids, who live down the road. Home decorating ideas living room curtains The most recent time I visited, I drove up to his property on a beautiful fall day. Home decor ideas living room budget The hillsides were scarred with dark stands of dead timber all around, but the sun was bright and warm.

The Henderson homesite looks different now, but it’s even better suited to withstand all manner of trouble than it was before. Interior home decoration for christmas It’s set back from the highway. Home decor ideas on a budget pinterest There’s always a garden. Interior home lighting ideas There’s a windmill that can pump water from a well in the event of a power outage. Home decorating ideas modern living room There’s a root cellar and generator. Interior home decoration design There’s a creek nearby, stocked with trout. Home decoration tips for indian homes The woods have game, and everyone who lives here is a fine shot. Home decorating ideas uk It is self-sufficiency in the extreme. Home decoration pictures free You could live here alone forever.

My father and I have a cup of coffee and talk about the family. Decoration home style We talk about the fire. Decorating home gym ideas Pretty soon he’s showing me the addition on the outbuilding, a concrete base and hip roof that extends off the left side and wraps around the back. Home interior design websites india He needed to corner the thing with a huge beam to account for the winter snow load. Interior home designs of rossendale I ask how hard it was to get that beam in place, and he delights in telling me how he and my stepbrother used his tractor to hold it up and situate it.

“Measure twice and cut once,” he says. Home decorating ideas for january The man loves making a shelter, an instinct that has led to tree stands and lean-tos and even a log house that will one day stand in the path of a forest fire.

About 1 p.m. Home decoration tips hindi me on the day of the fire, my father had finished loading the trucks at his job and was sorting and decking the processed logs when his phone rang. Home decor tips 2015 He looked at the sky toward the house, where he’d been watching a plume of slowly burgeoning smoke. Home decorating tips for beginners Jan said she was racing home. Decoration of home walls The fire had crested the ridge across Lolo Creek.

My dad jumped out of his loader and told his boss, Adam, that he had to go. Home decorating ideas with photos Both men loaded into my dad’s pickup and sped up the canyon, looking for panic in the faces of the people driving the other way. Home interior design quotes Mostly they watched the thick column of smoke, black and ominous as a thunderhead, overtake the sky. Home decorating ideas for the living room It was like driving into hell.

The column of smoke had blotted the sun by the time they got to the house. Home decorating ideas videos It was warm, but growing dark. Homemade interior decoration My dad could hear the fire’s approach, a sound like the high whine of a jet engine. Decoration item home The fire was inhaling the wind, growing. Home decorating ideas photos free He looked at the pines in the pasture, the pines near the house. Home decor pictures bedroom The whole scene was surreal, but he wasn’t really thinking about it. Home interior design usa He felt no fear. Home decorating ideas living room colors They had a way out. Home decorating tips living room They had the truck. Interior home designs photo gallery It was just a matter of doing what you could before the fire arrived.

Jan and her granddaughter were already hurrying important papers, pictures, guns, and clothing out to her Jeep. Home decorating ideas on a low budget Adam began to hitch up the fifth wheel to it. Homemade cake decoration Jan was running stuff to the trailer and then she was leaving. Home decoration photo malaysia Something exploded on the neighbor’s property, but my father couldn’t see what it was from where he stood on the roof. Traditional indian home interior decoration The fire was here.

Not only does this describe the act of writing at its most exhilarating, it also explains my father’s orientation to the world. Interior home design colors He is always tinkering—playing with a step just beyond the place where he already is. Home decor ideas pinterest diy It looks like a lot of work to build a log house or put in a root cellar or install a shed-size external woodstove or hunt with a bow or go after a mountain goat. Home decoration ideas india To me, it looks downright impossible. Decoration home magazine But step by step, it is not only possible, but happening right in front of me, here in Montana. Home decor ideas tumblr And it is not that my father is afraid of what the future holds—prepping for the apocalypse or whatever—but that he is excited about what opportunities it will provide for him to be even more engaged with life.

Here’s an example: It’s winter. Home decoration tips india Out in the yard, we kids are digging an igloo out of a huge pile of snow. Interior design home remodeling My father is changing the oil on his logging truck, which involves using a kind of blowtorch to heat up the engine in the freezing temperatures. Home interior decorating books He finishes up, and of course comes to help us with the igloo. Interior home decorating styles The man loves building a shelter.

So we’re sitting inside pretty satisfied when that tinkering grin lights up his face, and before we know it he’s got the propane tank and the blowtorch and he’s running a blue flame over and inside the igloo, melting it just a touch so it’ll freeze hard as stone. Homemade things for decoration Come April, the thing’s still standing.

So what’s the adjacent possible when the house you built stands in the path of a wildfire? When your fort isn’t a fort, but a house containing the memories of your family, your children, and your hard work? What does the tinkerer do then?

He fetches the aluminum ladder and leans it against the house. Home decoration photos india He dashes out to the pasture and drags the two enormous sprinklers, one and then the other, up the ladder, situating the tripods on the spine of the roof. Home interior design hall Then he climbs down and turns on the spigot. Home interior decoration photos He loses the barn and the coop and even the tractor. Interior home decor accessories But the house survives because he makes it rain.