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WellCare Extra for Florida is Medicare Prescription Drug Plan (Part D Plan or PDP) for seniors and other Medicare beneficiaries in Florida. Medicare changes According to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS), this plan’s quality is Below Average, and rated it 2.5 out of 5.0 stars.

If you choose to enroll you will pay $64.80 per month (the premium). Medicare part a benefits In addition to the premium there is a $0.00 annual deductible. Medicare claims address for providers You can find out more about the costs associated with this plan in the premium section of this page.

You can check out the coverage information in the coverage secrion, or look at the copayments section to see your costs at the pharmacy. About medicare Cost Details

WellCare Extra does not pay all costs; it’s a cost sharing plan. Medicare claim form for paid accounts If you join, you share in the overall costs with WellCare by paying a monthly premium, an annual deductible (if applicable), and copayments and/or coinsurance at your pharmacy.

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A zero dollar ($0.00) deductible means you have first dollar coverage. Social security gov medicare only Many Part D Plans have a deductible (up to $400 per year in 2017) that must be paid before your prescription coverage assistance kicks in. Medicare plus You Pay the Premium + Deductible + Copayments

You are required to pay your premium each month, even if you don’t fill a prescription. Medicare card application form Plus, you’ll pay all of your prescription costs until the annual deductible amount has been paid (if any). What is a medicare replacement plan You’ll also pay the required copayment at your pharmacy when you have your prescriptions filled. What is medicare and medicaid These are your costs and the plan pays the rest. Medicare online login What You Pay Could Be Different

There are two conditions that could affect how much you pay for this plan. Medicare part a b c d If you qualify for the Social Security Extra Help program your premium will generally be lower. Apply for medicare part a only Also, if you enrolled late the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Service may impose a premium penalty. Medicare application form Contact your local Florida Medicare Insurance Agent to get an exact quote for your situation. Check medicare status Coverage Details

WellCare Extra is a Enhanced Alternative PDP. Medicare part d aarp At a minimum, WellCare must offer a “standard benefit” package mandated by law. Medicare provider portal The standard benefit includes an annual deductible and a gap in coverage, aka, donut hole. Medicare online enrollment Carriers may also offer plans that:

Typically, enhanced plans offer additional coverage during the coverage gap. Enroll medicare If you fell into the donut hole last year, shop enhanced plans. How do i change my address with medicare Initial Coverage Limit

The ICL is the same for all Florida plans, but it changes from year-to-year. Medicare offices nsw If you enroll in WellCare Extra you share the cost of all covered medications with WellCare. Medicare part a vs b You each pay your share until $3700.00 has been spent at the pharmacy. Is medicare free If you reach that level of spending on your prescriptions then you fall into the dreaded coverage gap and you are responsible for all costs. Medicare provider login Fortunately, automatic discounts kick in to help you until you qualify for Medicare’s catastrophic coverage in Florida. Medicare online portal Coverage Gap (aka, Donut Hole)

When you reach the coverage gap, commonly called the donut hole, you pay for your medications yourself. What is medicare part d Most seniors never go into the coverage gap, but it is possible to hit it quickly if you have expensive long-term prescriptions.

When you’re in the donut hole you pay all of the costs for your medications, but at a discounted rate (47.5% off of brand-name drugs and 28% off generics). Medicare card number lookup You continue to pay this until your out-of-pocket costs reach $4,550. Medicare eligibility At this point Medicare takes over by giving you catastrophic coverage. Medicare social security The $4,550 out-of-pocket figure does not include your monthly premiums or what WellCare pays. Medicare offices sydney Additional Gap Coverage

WellCare Extra does not offer additional assistance in the coverage gap. Medicare medical If you reached the coverage gap last year and were not able to afford your medications, be sure to check with your local Florida Medicaid office. Medicare phone number for patients You may qualify for additional assistance. Www my medicare gov The Social Security Administration’s Extra Help program is another opportunity for seniors on Medicare who are not able to afford their prescriptions. Medicare service Copayment & Coinsurance Details

In addition to the monthly premium and annual deductible, the WellCare Extra prescription drug plan has copayments (fixed dollar amount) and/or coinsurances (percentage) that you must pay when you pickup your medications. Medicare offices north sydney Here’s the schedule for this plan: Tier

IMPORTANT: In order to determine if this is the best PDP for you, it’s critical that you lookup your prescriptions in the plan’s formulary. Medicare card montreal Medicare Part D Star Ratings

In this section we show you the quality rating for this plan. Medicare card form Each year the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) rates prescription drug plans in four broad categories. Medicare compare We do not recommend joining a plan with an overall rating less than 3.0. My medicare The following marks will give you an idea of the level of care you will receive if you join this WellCare plan. Medicare provider enrollment 2017 Overall Rating

If you are entitled to Medicare Part A (enrolled or not) or currently enrolled in Medicare Part B you may join the WellCare Extra prescription drug plan. What is a medicare advantage plan Unless you also receive benefits from Medicaid, enrollment in a Part D plan is voluntary. Medicare offices melbourne This plan is available in Miami, Fort Lauderdale, West Palm Beach, Tampa, Saint Petersburg, Clearwater, Orlando, Kissimmee, Sanford, Jacksonville, North Port, Sarasota, Bradenton, Cape Coral, Fort Myers, Lakeland, Winter Haven, Deltona, Daytona Beach, Ormond Beach, Palm Bay, Melbourne, Titusville, and all other towns and cities in Florida. Medicare part a premium 2016 Tips and Disclaimers

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