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Depending on which media outlets you follow, “cutting the cord” is a fast-growing phenomenon. Digital tv channels online Or maybe it isn’t. Digital tv gratis kanaler Or maybe it’s a short-term threat to the bottom line of pay TV. Whats digital tv Or perhaps it’s a long-term threat.

We do know this: Pay TV subscription rates have increased astronomically in the past ten years. Dvb t digital tv An increasing number of subscribers are bellyaching about paying for channels they don’t watch.

Tv digital online assistir Some have even gone so far as to “cut the cord” and drop pay TV channel packages altogether; opting for Internet streaming and in some cases, free over-the-air TV broadcasts.

If you live in a major TV market, chances are there are plenty of free OTA channels you can pull in. H c h tv digital Since every television sold since 2006 must include a digital TV tuner for these broadcasts, all you need is some sort of antenna to receive those signals.

And you may be surprised by how many channels there are. Digital tv for rv If you live in the Los Angeles basin, there are no less than 27 different digital TV broadcast channels carrying over 130 minor (sub) channels of programming! That’s more than I have in my cable TV package, although I’ll grant that I wouldn’t watch many of them.

But at least I don’t have to pay for channels I don’t watch. Digital tv devices And that’s the appeal of free OTA TV, combined with on-demand streaming of movies and TV shows from outlets such as Hulu, Amazon, Netflix, and Vudu. I spy digital tv All you are paying for is a fast Internet connection.

This process was repeated after I swung the antennas to the north-northwest, towards Allentown, PA. Digital tv channels nsw I expected that in some cases, I’d be able to receive stations from both markets regardless of the antenna position. Digital tv guide for tonight That’s because these antennas are sold as somewhat omnidirectional or “non-directional.” The manufacturer expects you can install the antenna outdoors as high as practical, and you shouldn’t have to worry about its orientation (North? South? West?).

In reality, all of the antennas I tested are somewhat directional, as you’ll see from my tests. Tv digital gratis android So I suggest picking up a small antenna rotor, which is easy to find at Radio Shack and other online stores. Airtel digital tv recharge online using credit card Rotors come in real handy if the TV stations in your market have towers scattered all around the city. Digital tv channels by zip code (Pittsburgh and Atlanta come to mind here.)

I also took a look at the actual 8VSB carrier waveforms using an AVCOM PSA-2500C spectrum analyzer, mostly to see how much multipath “tilt” was present in the signal. Tv digital online mexico I’ve included a few of those screen grabs here to show the relative signal strength of multiple TV transmitters in the UHF band as received by each antenna.

At my location, the pickings on VHF are slim. Digital tv highlights WPVI broadcasts a towering signal on channel 6 in Roxborough, PA, while WHYY has a potent carrier on channel 12. Digital tv antenna target In Allentown, WBPH is a strong beacon on channel 9. Assistir tv digital gratis no pc And that’s about it – the rest of the stations are found on the UHF band.

Of that group, several stations usually stand out in my tests. Digital tv receiver box WPHL is very strong on channel 17, as is KYW on channel 26. Tv publica digital online en vivo (I can receive KYW in my basement, and I’m 22 miles away from the transmitter!) WCAU is pretty reliable on channel 34, as is WLVT on channel 39. Digital tv channels bay area And WFMZ in Allentown is broadcasting with over one million watts ERP on channel 46, meaning I can usually pull them in with a paper clip.

I should point out here that the vast majority of indoor TV antennas work pretty well at UHF frequencies, but are electrically too small to pull in many high-band VHF channels. Tv digital no pc gratis download They just can’t approach resonance and have gain. Tv digital online no pc The same thing applies to outdoor antennas – a solid performer at UHF frequencies may have little or no gain on high-band VHF channels.

Oddly, the ClearStream 2 picked up one VHF channel, but dropped the UHF signal from WYBE-35, giving it a score of 3 VHF and 9 UHF channels. Digital tv nbc And the venerable Channel Master 4221 four-bay collinear antenna nearly matched it, missing only WYBE and WPVI-6. Digital tv channels not working (Again, this antenna has no gain at lower frequencies.)

Turning the antennas northwest to favor Allentown (position “B”) really quieted things down. Digital tv channels louisville ky The playing field was almost level across all antennas with the Sky locating 2 VHF and 2 UHF stations, the ClearStream 1 digging out one additional UHF station, the Clear Stream 2 adding one more UHF station, and the 4221 spotting one VHF and three UHF stations.