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The new app is more comprehensive than the guide on a digital-video recorder because it includes shows available on such services as Hulu, iTunes and Netflix, plus on-demand offerings through Xfinity for Comcast subscribers.

You start by creating an account and picking your television provider from a list. Digital tv programming The listings are then customized according to what’s available on your cable or satellite lineup (there’s an “antenna” option on the list, too). Digital tv channels dallas You can choose to display all channels, or create a list of favorites containing channels you watch most often.

You then start browsing the listings. Digital tv antenna channel guide If you see that “SpongeBob SquarePants” is on at 5 p.m. M airtel digital tv on Channel 6, you can set a reminder for the iPad (or iPhone) to notify you five, 10, 30 or 60 minutes before the show starts. Digital tv guide sunshine coast You can have the iPad do that for all episodes or just new ones -or just that particular showing. Digital tv yorkshire By hitting “I’ll Watch,” you can make that known on a social network such as Facebook or Twitter.

The Watchlist is the best part of the new app. Digital tv channels lexington ky I can set it up for quick access to Mets games listings or anything on television starring Natalie Portman.

That’s also where you can find out whether any of your favorites are available on DVD through Netflix. N tv digital It doesn’t tell you about online streaming choices on Netflix (that’s coming), but it does for Hulu, HBO, Cinemax, the CW, ABC, ABC Family and Sony’s online streaming service, Crackle. Digital tv booster Others are expected soon. Airtel digital tv hd channels The Watchlist also shows the episodes you can buy and download from Apple’s iTunes store.

On my Watchlist, I saw that a handful of “Revenge” episodes were available for free on ABC. Airtel digital tv user guide pdf Clicking on one took me right to ABC’s app for viewing.

Through another tab, called New Tonight, you can see which of your favorites are on television that night. Digital tv service You can see what’s popular based on how many users have clicked “I’ll Watch.” With that feature, I learned of a show about a food truck competition on the Food Network.

Beyond that, the app has news, photos and video on television and celebrities. Unity digital tv There were also special features, such as the fall television schedule at a glance and the Emmy nominees in key categories.

Unfortunately, the app was stingy when it came to giving me information on shows. Tv digital gratis ao vivo I clicked on “666 Park Avenue,” hoping to get a description of the new ABC show. Tv cable digital All I got was an option to add it to my Watchlist.

As for the main listings, clicking on any program gets you a brief description, the kind you get in newspaper television guides or old printed editions of TV Guide magazine. Digital tv 12 volt You can add it to your Watchlist, request an alert or post it on a social network. Channel 3 digital tv That’s it.

One feature TV Guide might consider adding: The ability to click on a link to get all the other episodes of that show, including those on streaming or DVDs, as well as the other times that particular episode would be repeated on TV. A r y digital tv dramas online I’d also like to see a list of each show’s key actors in the episode description, along with links to find out what other shows they appear in over the next two weeks.

TV Guide plans to add some of these features to its app at some point. Digital tv guide victoria To get it ready for the fall TV season, TV Guide says it had to focus on the features most requested, the ones most used on its website and those that might help it sell ads.

The TV Guide app beats checking static listings in a newspaper or the TV Guide Network on television. Problems with digital tv channels In many respects, it also beats the TV Guide website, as it doesn’t force me to get off my couch to find out what’s on. Digital tv channels near me I can have the iPad right there, next to my remote control.

The New Tonight section comes closest to offering that, but shows I said “I’ll Watch” don’t appear there, unless I’ve added them to my Watchlist as well. 12v digital tv Same goes for shows I’ve requested alerts for. Dm digital tv live online It’s also limited to a few hours that night not during the day, not the next night, not next weekend. Sky digital tv guide ireland There also isn’t a way to check off episodes I’d already watched, either on television or through streaming.

The TV Guide app is worth checking out, particularly for the way it brings together all aspects of television the traditional channels, online streaming and episodes on DVDs. Reliance digital tv online channel activation It can certainly help to organize your television life. Digital tv providers Just don’t expect it to take control quite yet.