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Lovely afternoon. Front garden designs and ideas Hooked. Garden landscaping oldham Two memories of that 1st voyage, discovered in-depth writings of Martin Luther King, and, bought an airline ticket.

Yesterday, serendipitously, found a well defined description of those thoughts written by Dr. Front yard landscaping ideas for craftsman style homes King, yet never written into a journal, saved, or printed.

” His (King’s) enduring ethos, at its core, is nonreligious — rather, it champions a set of moral, spiritual, and civic responsibilities that fortify our humanity, individually and collectively. ” Here.

My first study tour of historic European gardens 2+ decades ago, tossed me directly into a new world, hitherto unknown, in relation to landscapes. Front yard landscaping design ideas People cared about the landscapes they created for themselves, not merely for themselves, or even first for themselves, but as a civic duty to community and neighbor. Garden landscaping edging ideas Going deeper, even a duty to who will own the home/garden after them.

Continued studies abroad with historic gardens, intuitively realized their landscapes went beyond a duty to self and community. Garden landscaping uk Their landscapes included duty to Nature. Landscaping your garden Spirituality.

” His (King’s) enduring ethos, at its core, is nonreligious — rather, it champions a set of moral, spiritual, and civic responsibilities that fortify our humanity, individually and collectively. Garden landscaping plans ” “

” Nonviolence … does not seek to defeat or humiliate the opponent, but to win his friendship and understanding. Diy front yard landscaping ideas on a budget The nonviolent resister must often express his protest through noncooperation or boycotts, but he realizes that these are not ends themselves; they are merely means to awaken a sense of moral shame in the opponent. Cost of landscaping garden uk The end is redemption and reconciliation. Garden landscaping ideas ireland The aftermath of nonviolence is the creation of the beloved community, while the aftermath of violence is tragic bitterness. Front garden designs australia ” Dr. Garden landscaping ideas pinterest Martin Luther King.

Too often, stories of HOA’s, shared with me are not under the heading of redemption, reconciliation & beloved community, but tragic bitterness. Small landscaping ideas budget Incredible mission statement for living, above.

Top pic, amuses no end. Garden landscaping software Did not like, could not abide, too stupid for me, topiary forms in the garden. Yardshare landscaping garden ideas Now, I understand their iconic use, and why. Small front yard landscaping ideas townhouse Love, when appropriate, topiary in the garden. Front yard landscaping ideas for cheap Looking at the picture, admire the garden, and smirk kindly at the person I used to be. Front yard landscaping boulders Isn’t it amazing how fast we see quirks we used to have, within others !!

Most of the historic gardens I’ve studied across Europe for 2+ decades are farms. Garden landscaping gloucestershire Never anticipating I would be designing a single farm garden. Garden landscaping brisbane Majority of my work, to date, has been in subdivisions attached to large cities. Front yard landscaping for small homes Learning at the historic farms, best ever choice.

Rachel Carson, Silent Spring, published when I was a small girl, made the tv news. Front yard landscaping ideas central florida That black/white screen bearing witness to MLK’s murder, Vietnam, a President shot, the Texas Tower Shooting, and race riots. Rock garden ideas for hillside Well before the age of 10, all this stuff plastered tv news. Small yard landscaping ideas front yard Nope, in the wisdom of a 6’ish year old, Rachel Carson, was just another bitter story.

Time passes. Garden landscaping quotes Of course I learn she’s done something quite wonderful. Garden landscaping coventry And I had to study at those historic farms, learning how to insert Nature into subdivison landscapes. Garden landscaping bradford Nature, my great love.

Following a short rabbit hole of diversion, I discovered Rachel Carson the person, today. Garden landscaping surrey A dear friend, at lunch yesterday, Brio on Peachtree, shared with me something wondrous that had happened to her. Front yard landscaping ideas budget Before the sharing I knew something was different, she was luminous in her beauty, radiating peace. Front garden landscape design ideas A terrible bitterness she had carried, over 2 decades, lifted. Garden design landscaping ideas Gone. Garden bed landscaping ideas Whew. Garden landscaping cape town What a lunch we had and I don’t mean the food (wedge salad &lobster bisque).

I don’t see my friend often enough, at least once a year we try to spend the nite, sharing the same bed, not wanting to miss a moment of time with each other, talking till way too late. Small yard landscaping ideas pictures This friendship quite important to both of us. Garden design landscape management And it has had its moments of angst, nevah you doubt, but never an option to part.

Brain Pickings had an intriguing link about a friendship, a deep friendship between a pair of grown women. Garden landscaping kilmarnock With memories of yesterday’s lunch still glowing today, you know I took the click bait.

Rachel Carson is one of the women. Front yard landscaping blueprints This article about deep friendship, turned Rachel Carson the persona, into Rachel-the-person. Zen garden landscaping A nice read of depth, as only Brain Pickings does, I finished the article with moist eyes. Small garden landscape design malaysia And, clicked afterward to buy her books.

This is a postscript to our morning at Newagen, something I think I can write better than say. Garden landscaping swansea For me it was one of the loveliest of the summer’s hours, and all the details will remain in my memory: that blue September sky, the sounds of the wind in the spruces and surf on the rocks, the gulls busy with their foraging, alighting with deliberate grace, the distant views of Griffiths Head and Todd Point, today so clearly etched, though once half seen in swirling fog. Front yard landscaping cost But most of all I shall remember the monarchs, that unhurried westward drift of one small winged form after another, each drawn by some invisible force. Front yard landscaping ideas hgtv We talked a little about their migration, their life history. Front yard landscaping small house Did they return? We thought not; for most, at least, this was the closing journey of their lives.

Another bravo to whoever designed the interior of this home, from my favorite vantage point, the garden. Garden landscaping toronto Landscaping along the windows is a bit odd, glass rectangle edged with ferns, creating a terrarium’ish style. Small front garden designs uk What to do instead? (First, replace sofa with a pair of similar styled chairs, that turn 360. Front yard zero landscape Why the fortification of sofa only looking in?) Remove ferns & existing path, replace with bluestone rectangles, sized in width from outer edge of deck, fully to the house, scaled in length to each window, spaced the same distance apart as the window frames.

Next. Garden landscaping ideas pictures Axis looking into the home is marvelous. Townhouse garden landscaping ideas What is its opposite axis? Double axis. Small yard landscaping ideas cheap If you have a focal point in one direction you must have another in the opposite. Garden landscaping romford Has me curious.

Notice the gutters at the roof line? Great example of darkish color rising up into the roof. Garden landscaping ideas on a budget uk Too often, gutters are painted much lighter than a roof, pulling the height of the roof lower. Garden landscaping tools Another counterintuitive Garden Design layer.

In the garden. Small front yard landscaping ideas canada That’s my magnet. Front yard landscaping statues If you’ve read for any time, you’ve noticed there is no ‘working’ in the garden, of the macro-world’s vernacular entrenched meaning of working-in-the-garden.

This I know for sure. Front yard landscaping simple If you’re working in your garden, and it’s easy, you’re doing it wrong. Front yard landscaping ideas for bungalows If you’re working in your garden, and it’s hard, you’re doing it wrong.

Truth? True work in the garden is an intellectual delight. Front yard landscaping for a ranch style home Best game invented. Front yard landscaping cheap Toughest competitor ever, yourself. Landscaping a garden shed Rules change each second, weather is friend and foe, no one will ever have the pocket book for what they want to do in their garden, raising the bar, do it anyway, you are compelled, use cunning and smarts, get the garden you want. Garden landscaping india along the way realize to your core, G*d almighty first created a garden, and ‘men come to build stately sooner than to garden finely, as if gardening were the greater perfection’, and in the best metaphor, the game of creating your garden is realizing it is truly the gift of washing the servant’s feet, Nature, or perhaps you have a notion, still, you’re above the pollinating desires of a mere lady bug, or honey bee?

My clients know I’m far more interested in how their garden furniture is used during a soiree, where it’s placed the morning after, than being at the soiree. Front yard landscaping with river rock If it was a large soiree with myriad age groups I want to know how the various groups interacted with the garden. Front yard landscaping nj But this is jumping ahead of the story. Garden landscaping design ideas About you. Landscaping a garden ideas And being in your garden.

Have written about preferring square/rectangular garden tables over round, on deck/patio. Garden landscaping plans free They are more useful, can be pushed together or against a rail or the house. Front yard landscaping with palm trees Round table, below, is perfect. Front yard landscaping ideas colorado Each seat, a lush view. Front yard landscaping ideas in california Great Garden Design too.

Very nice, below, go buy it. Front yard landscaping california If it’s not in your budget, easy too. Front yard landscaping ideas water fountain Do what the French do. Front yard landscaping ideas wisconsin One of the best things I learned while studying historic gardens across France is about furniture in the garden. Garden landscaping near me If garden chairs are field gathered, paint them all the same color.

Am field gathering garden chairs now for my harvest table. Making a rock garden ideas A crush of hodge-podge-lodge at present. Garden landscaping supplies Some chairs I had, I know will go away, once field gathering anew is successful.

Once 10 chairs are bagged, I know exactly what color they will be painted. Front yard landscaping ideas on a hill If you’ve read for any length of time, you know every garden must have an exterior color trinity. Garden landscaping nottingham A centuries old concept. Outdoor landscaping ideas small yards For our ca. Rock garden border ideas 1900 American farmhouse I chose the classic, green-brown-white. Rock garden ideas for small yards The white & green have already been specified, still working on the brown. Front yard landscaping how to The chairs will be green.

Field gathering targeted items is one of my favorite things to do. Front yard landscaping with hydrangeas Mostly, they are sourced at thrift stores, yard sales, Goodwill, or Habitat Restore. Simple garden landscaping ideas The hunt is like cocaine, if I knew what that was like, but imagine the garden hunt to be far superior. Front yard landscaping ideas no lawn Oddly, garden hunts of my pack of garden gals, equally rich to enjoy, as much as my own.

There is a proper way to share garden hunt finds. Garden landscaping stockport Text a pic or call and describe, then the most wicked part, something to the tune of, It Was Three Dollars.

Something happened with the cheap folding chairs. Garden landscaping luton I’ve kept too many. Front yard landscaping software On purpose. Front garden landscape pictures Beloved wants to toss over half of what we have. Garden landscaping exeter Nope. Garden landscaping grimsby When we go to a pool party, picnic, concert, fireworks, etc. Front yard landscaping colorado I always bring extra chairs. English garden landscaping ideas They always get used. Front yard landscaping ideas succulents My personal Garden Chair Ministry.

Three stakes, plastic or terra cotta pot, probably conservatory grown, this is Chatsworth after all, maybe slipped into a wicker basket with liner.

So. Garden design hard landscaping ideas Attainment. Terrace garden landscaping ideas The joy of consideration. Garden landscape design pictures Where? How? In the ground, in a pot in Beloved’s overhead-irrigated nursery, in a pot in a small conservatory, yet to be built, at my shed??? Not what is easiest, but, What will I like the best?

Beloved & I both have backgrounds in professional propagation. Front yard landscaping stairs On the Gator, driving back to the house after checking on the pond earlier this week, we talked about putting up a hoop house. Front yard landscaping small space The Duchess of Devonshire, above, tipped the scale. Garden landscaping tunbridge wells We need a hoop house. Garden landscape design melbourne Poor, dear Beloved, he doesn’t know space is cordoned for lilies, and topiaries just like Bunny Melon grew. Garden landscaping limerick We’ll grow for our professional use with clients, but also the local farmer’s market.

Conversation with Beloved, We really need to get the hoop house built, make more money growing our own plants to install in client gardens. Front yard entrance landscaping Lillies like Duchess of Devonshire & topiaries like Bunny Melon? Beloved does not understand that language.

Shooting this Garden Room, many angles can be shot, proving this particular Garden Design Rule reigns. Rock garden front yard landscaping Pull the shot back, Garden Design Rule broken.

Know the Garden Design Rules into your DNA, break a Garden Design Rule when it makes your soul smile, a wicked smile. Front yard japanese landscaping That’s what made me laugh, below.

Garden Design is a language. Garden landscaping essex In the beginning, Garden Design was what I wanted it to be. Garden landscaping plymouth Rules? Not for me. Garden landscaping newcastle upon tyne In time, a koan arrived. Front yard landscaping ideas midwest In bed last nite, zero desire to read on my phone, instead, wildly strong urge to read from a book, though the lamp would have to be turned off. Garden landscaping design Oh my, the bother, yes?

Two books, grabbed, Daily Strength For Daily Needs, by Mary W. Garden landscaping sutton coldfield Tileston. Rock garden landscaping pictures Recommended by Celestine Sibley, a well known columnist for the AJC when I moved to Atlanta over 3 decades ago, and used in many of her columns thru the years.

Thomas (1795-1880) Carlyle, puts it clearly about why you must break Garden Design Rules, “Know that ‘impossible’, where truth and mercy and the everlasting voice of nature order, has no place in the brave man’s dictionary. Garden planting ideas nz That when all men have said ‘Impossible’, and tumbled noisily else whither, and thou alone art left, then first thy time and possibility have come. Garden landscaping ideas uk It is for thee now: do thou that, and ask no man’s counsel, but thy own only and G*d’s. Front yard landscaping ideas for ranch house Brother, thou hast possibility in thee for much: the possibility of writing on the eternal skies the record of a heroic life.”