Tammy’s riverside park fate is a warning to other trailer parks _ idaho statesman

It’s kind of a poor man’s gated community, you might say…Some of them have a real feel of community where they watch out for somebody. Mobile homes for rent dallas tx Boise State University professor Todd Shallat on mobile home parks

“Even if it’s four feet around your trailer, there are people, and I don’t blame them, that want their own piece of earth,” Garden City Mayor John Evans said.

Traditionally, trailer parks are more likely to accept people with felony records or bad credit who were rejected by landlords of apartments and traditional houses.

“In Boise, therefore, housing advocates mostly believe that a stock of subsidized affordable housing should include a few mobile home parks,” according to the BSU study.

Mobile homes for rent colorado springs OWN-RENT VICE

A few decades ago, when trailers and manufactured homes were becoming a common housing choice in the Treasure Valley, land was cheap and plentiful, Shallat told the Idaho Statesman.

Rent for a $1,000 mobile home lot might have been $50 a month. Mobile homes for rent modesto ca Not many people saw the valley’s land rush coming. House md mobile wallpaper And so, assuming they’d always have a cheap place to put to park their investments, many mobile homeowners never bothered to buy the land under their homes.

Time passed, and the cost of land increased. Mobile homes for rent in maine Meanwhile, the homes themselves aged, losing value and becoming more difficult to move. Mobile house for rent In 1976, the federal government instituted building standards for manufactured homes.

Then the inevitable happened. The dog house mobile grooming Here and there, trailer park owners sold their land to developers. Mobile homes for rent jefferson county mo Displaced homeowners found themselves looking for new places to live, whether they owned their homes or rented, and finding more barriers than options.

Before moving, a mobile homeowner first has to find a place to put it. House mobile for sale The new lot has to have water, sewer and electrical hook-ups, meaning it probably has to be part of another trailer park. Mobile homes for rent kelowna Vacant lots can be tough to find.

Second, because there’s a limited supply of lots, park owners are often selective about the age and condition of trailers they accept. Mobile homes for rent vista ca Many don’t accept trailers that don’t meet the 1976 standards.

The third problem is cost. Mobile homes for rent venice fl After finding a lot, a homeowner has to actually move the home, a process that can cost thousands of dollars, not to mention the damage that might occur during the move. Mobile home designs and prices Even owners who abandon their trailers are sometimes charged thousands of dollars for demolishing and disposing of them. Mobile homes for rent sumter sc LIMITED OPTIONS

Someone moving out of Tammy’s Riverside Park left a trailer behind and no one else wanted it. Mobile homes for rent craigslist Olsen, a young mother of five who lives across from Devereaux, claimed it. The nut house mobile al She said she found a lot in a park off Chinden Boulevard that will accept the trailer.

A friend told her he’d move the trailer for free. T mobile house internet Her new trailer is smaller than the one she lives in now, but all in all, she’s making out OK.

A few hundred feet south of Olsen, in Dee Mar Homes, Amanda Anderson has no faith that kind of luck will find her if — or when — the owner of Dee Mar sells the land under her trailer. Mobile homes for rent gainesville ga Anderson said the cheapest estimate she’s seen for moving her home is $3,500.

Anderson said she refuses to live in an apartment. Mobile homes for rent essex She said it’s almost impossible to find a house she can afford that’s big enough for her family, including dogs. Mobile house for rent near me The cheapest house she’s found is $750 a month — $300 more than she’s paying now.

Like her neighbors, Anderson worries Dee Mar will be sold someday, and she’ll be stuck in the same situation as Devereaux, Olsen and the rest of the Tammy’s tenants.

We knew stuff got real when they started tearing down the building that sat in behind us. Mobile homes for rent rosenberg tx Amanda Anderson, Dee Mar Homes resident, on the potential of the land under her mobile home being sold

Howard Olson, another Dee Mar resident, is an example of another problem facing trailer park tenants, the majority of whom are older than 60, according to the BSU study and nationwide data it cites. Mobile homes for rent billings mt At 73, Olson faces health problems that are a major obstacle to relocating.

“I’d like to sell the place and move, but how in the hell am I going to do it?” Olson said. The oyster house mobile al “My heart’s failing me. Mobile homes for rent kerry I can’t do the things that I did a year ago.” TRAILER TRASH?

A common belief among residents and some affordable housing advocates is that cities in the Treasure Valley don’t like trailer parks and wish they’d give way to gentrification.

In 2006, the city of Boise condemned Overland Park near Curtis Road and cited owner Randy Hoffer for safety violations stemming from electrical, plumbing and other problems. House mobile Today, Hoffer is the owner of Dee Mar Homes, where Amanda Anderson and Howard Olson live. House movers mobile al The Overland Park closure was the catalyst for BSU’s study.

On the other hand, Trailwinds brought an overall increase of affordable housing to Garden City, even when the loss of mobile homes is accounted for. Mobile homes for rent new caney tx Rent for a one-bedroom apartment is as low as $411.

And seven years before shutting down Overland Park, Boise helped establish Mellodee Thornton Park in the Vista Neighborhood to replace a trailer park that was removed to make way for the Fred Meyer-anchored shopping center on Federal Way.

“That’s probably the most extreme thing you could do in response to a closure, which is to actually build a replacement park,” Boise planning director Hal Simmons said.

Simmons pointed out that the Great Recession struck shortly after BSU released its mobile home study, and the threat to trailer parks seemed to fade a little. Mobile homes for rent upland ca Since the study came out, he said, Boise has lost only two parks.

“There’s been a fear about the threat of closure of mobile home parks for many, many years. Mobile homes for rent mn And mostly that threat hasn’t materialized,” he said. Rent a house mobile al “In a way, it’s a lot like the situation with old shopping centers. Mobile homes for rent fresno ca You look at them and you think they can’t possibly generate money, but the fact is they do. Mobile homes for rent in columbia sc And they generate money with little need for reinvestment.”

Still, Simmons said, Boise leaders “absolutely worry about” the future of trailer parks now that Boise’s real estate market is roaring again.

Stonegate, located northwest of Esther Simplot Park, is an orderly neighborhood. Mobile homes for rent belleview fl It’s sitting on top of some of the most valuable land in Idaho.

Mellodee Thornton is another example of a clean, well maintained mobile home park. House in mobile al for rent Its streets have curbs, gutters and sidewalks. Mobile homes for rent nh Neighborhood Housing Services, an affordable housing nonprofit, owns and manages Mellodee Thornton. Mobile homes for rent midland tx That keeps rents lower — by about $200 a month right now — than market rate. Mobile homes nz It also provides stability that’s lacking in dozens of parks across the Treasure Valley, because the owner’s mission is to offer affordable housing, not maximize profits.

In Golden Dawn Estates, next to Harris Ranch in East Boise, landscaping is neat, and homes are impeccably maintained. House md mobile game Many of the people who live there own their lots.

The prospect of inclusionary zoning gives Scot Ludwig some heartburn. Mobile homes for rent tramore Besides being a Boise city councilman, Ludwig is an attorney and real estate developer. Chadha mobile house jalandhar He thinks inclusionary zoning could be a violation of Idaho law — an obstacle the BSU study anticipated.

“Developers should be encouraged to be philanthropic and help the community with their efforts at helping solve this issue,” Ludwig said in an email. Mobile homes for rent plant city fl “I believe in the free market. Mobile homes for rent san antonio Incentives and/or compensation for developers to provide affordable housing is an important policy I would support.”

Legality aside, there’s reason to doubt inclusionary zoning’s effectiveness. Mobile house com One example cited in the BSU study is the literally side-by-side comparison of Pennsylvania and New Jersey. Mobile homes for rent bakersfield ca Starting in the 1970s,the two states took different approaches to the loss of affordable housing.

New Jersey embraced inclusionary zoning. Mobile house definition Pennsylvania opened municipal zoning to “market-rate development of all types of housing,” according to a November 2003 article by James Mitchell in the Journal of Policy Analysis and Management.

Mitchell found that, after 20 years of these opposing policies, Pennsylvania ended up with more affordable homes and more diverse housing types.