‘swedish fritzl’ victim describes being drugged, abducted and locked in dungeon _ daily mail online

‘After a few days he came in with a black plastic box. Decoration zara home He said she had to poop in the box, otherwise he would get rid of her. Home decor tips 2012 The dog was very important for me in there.’

Eriksson, in her 30s, also told the show she woke up in the chamber to find a needle sticking in her arm and immediately took it out when she came too.

In a unanimous verdict, Stockholm District Court said Martin Trenneborg meticulously planned the abduction over a long period of time and subjected the victim, to serious risk by sedating her and keeping her caged up in a soundproof bunker for almost a week.

Terrifying ordeal: Trennebourg drove his 350 miles to his home near Kristianstad in southern Sweden where he locked her in a soundproofed cell inside this home-made bunker (seen above on the left of the picture)

Fritzl is currently serving life imprisonment in a maximum security Austrian psychiatric facility following his 2009 conviction for rape and murder following the incarceration of his own daughter, Elisabeth, in a cellar beneath his home for 24 years.

Miss Eriksson told how she did manage to get out on a few occasions, but was put off trying to flee by the vast wilderness she was surrounded by, and also was given false hope that she was being rescued when he came in wearing another mask.

Dr Trenneborg, who claims to be a member of the high-IQ club Mensa, admitted feeding his victim strawberries laced with Rohypnol on September 12 last year before driving her to his home (above)

Trennenborg, who studied medicine at the prestigious Karolinska Institute in Stockholm, before working as a GP in Stockholm and Kristianstad, spent far less time tormenting his victim, but prosecutors say his crime was just as heinous.

Dr Trenneborg, who claims to be a member of the high-IQ club Mensa, admitted feeding his victim the strawberries laced with Rohypnol on September 12 last year, before driving her to his home in Skåne in southern Sweden and entombing her in the secret bunker.

But when he discovered police were looking for her and had changed the locks on her apartment, he decided to pretend they were a couple and everything had been a misunderstanding.

Trennebourg is seen (left) in this courtroom sketch next to his lawyer Mari Schaub who described the doctor as a lonely ‘sad and depressed person’ who wanted a partner and did not intend to hurt anyone

Prosecutor Peter Claeson said his plan was clearly to keep the victim locked up for ‘a long time’ in the bunker, which was about 60 square metres in size, sound and light-proof.

It is also alleged that he took blood samples from the woman while she was in captivity to check them at the clinic where he worked to ensure she did not have any sexually transmitted diseases.

According to a Swedish newspaper, they spoke for the first time on the telephone on September 10 last year and two days later he turned up to her flat.

It was a defence reminiscent of the plot of the John Fowles book The Collector, about a socially awkward man who kidnaps a woman to confine her in a pathetic bid to make her fall in love with him.

Mrs Schaub said: ‘He is a man who was mentally depressed and, when at the police station, complied with all the requests of the police. Home decoration tips urdu He is very much in regret of what he has done.’

When police searched the bunker they found an Ikea pine bed, a desk and a kitchen area with sink, hot plate and a fridge stocked with fresh produce.

‘He told me that the door was the same as they have in bank vaults, that the walls were made of thick concrete and that no one would hear me scream how much I tried and that it is impossible to get out from there.

‘He also said that if I was going to attack him and kill him. Interior home designs of rossendale reviews All I would have been left with was a stinking corpse. Home interior decoration items india There was no way for me to get out of the bunker without his assistance.

‘There was a small room beside the kitchen in the bunker. Home decoration vastu tips in hindi When I asked him what that was supposed to be in the future he said that it would be his own torture chamber. Classic home interior decoration dubai He said it with a smile and I don’t know if he was joking.

‘At one point he told me that if I were to try to escape, he would punish me by chaining me to the bed and I would get nothing to eat but crisp bread.’

The victim, who calls herself Isabel Eriksson to protect her true identity, was drugged by Martin Trenneborg who then took her to his homemade bunker in Kristianstad, southern Sweden

She revealed Trenneborg made clear his intention was to keep her locked up ‘as a girlfriend’, to ‘have sex two or three times a day, clean and cook’.

‘On the Wednesday he said he wanted us to sleep together, so I was to shower in his house, and then I cooked meat hash while he showered and then he wanted us to sleep together.

She told a medical examiner that it was obvious that Trenneborg wanted to lie down and cuddle, and that he had told her it was ‘okay’ for her to keep her underwear on.

‘He said that he wanted to bring another woman to the bunker. Home decor name ideas He was targeting some kind of celebrity. Home decoration images for free His plan was to dress as a plumber and knock on his victims door and then kidnap her.

‘He asked me if my mum was as pretty as me. Home interior snowman decor Then he said that perhaps my mum could be the other girl in the bunker. Room decoration painting designs The thought of him bringing my mum to the bunker, scared the life out of me.

After a few days the doctor drove back to the woman’s home in Stockholm to bring her some personal possessions, only to discover that she had been reported missing and police had broken into her flat.

Prosecutors said the doctor forced the woman to tell police a fake story that she was safe and well, in order to call off the search, but officers grew suspicious and took her to one side.