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There are televisions as big as your house, fridges that will restock themselves and what seems to be more drones than there are people in attendance.

But it’s wearable tech that’s taking over the show floor again this year, proving that gadgets you strap to your body are no mere fad – they’re here to stay.

Whether you want to get fitter, make yourself more beautiful, or just keep tabs on what it is you spend your days doing, there’s a piece of wearable tech that’ll help you do it. Interior home design gallery Heck, there are probably tens of devices that will help you do it – which is why we’re here to sort the wheat from the chaff.

Want all the benefits of a smart wearable, but can’t face wearing a watch? Check out the Motiv Ring, which packs a heart-rate sensor, step tracker and sleep monitor into something you wear on your finger.

The Motiv Ring is a titanium-shelled ring that’s available in rose gold and grey. Pics of home decoration Pop it on your chosen digit and then sync it to the mobile app, which monitors when you’re active by reading your heart rate. Home decorating ideas rustic look Rather than aiming to get you to 10,000 steps per day, the Ring pushes you towards 150 active minutes a week, which encourages more active movement rather than just getting off the bus one stop earlier.

We liked some of the neat little extras featured on the Ring: you get two USB magnetic chargers in the box, which are small enough to keep on your keyring, while Motiv has also designed its own battery tech to fit into the curved design. Interior home decor mauritius That’s the one thing we’d like to test on a finished model – battery tech is notoriously difficult to get right, especially in new form factors.

Good things come to those who wait – and nowhere is that more true than with the New Balance RunIQ. Interior decoration home indian style Originally announced at last year’s CES as a partnership between running brand New Balance and chip maker Intel, it’s finally now available to pre-order for delivery from the beginning of February. Home decoration ideas for mehndi We havn’t got any Indian pricing or availability as of now but will update you as soon as we get it.

The headlines? Well, with a heart-rate monitor, built-in GPS, a 4GB music player and Bluetooth functionality, it’s pretty much all the running watch you’d ever need. Home decoration tips in urdu The fact that you can also take it in the pool is an added bonus.

The delay appears to have been to incorporate Android Wear 2.0, which offers Google Now, notifications and the ability to download music from Google Play straight to the device. Dina home interior & decoration There’ll be more Android Wear apps coming down the pipe, but for now you can also sync your activities up with Strava, which is a boon for serious athletes.

New Balance has also wisely paired up with Jabra, whose new PaceIQ wireless sports headphones will offer real-time coaching. Home decoration tips hindi The only drawback is battery life – 24 hours on a single charge, and around five hours for activities with heart-rate reading enabled.

If you’re the sporty type, there’s no shortage of GPS-enabled, heart-rate tracking smartwatches out there. Home decorating ideas nautical theme PKvitality aims to take things one step further with its SkinTaste technology, which employs 0.5mm-long microneedles to puncture the surface of the skin and measure lactic acid.

If you’re a serious athlete, you’ll be familiar with the Lactic Threshold: when lactic acid builds up in the body faster than it can be removed, fatigue sets in – which is no fun for anyone. Decoration of home ganpati This watch tells you how you’re doing either by constantly monitoring these levels or taking readings at the touch of the button. Home decor pictures for kitchen If you’re taking part in long-distance running, rowing, swimming or cycling, this means you can use the watch to optimise training, recovery and performance, according to PKvitality.

It’s a smart innovation, albeit one that will cost you: the watch itself is US$200 (around ₹13,500), but it needs a US$150 (around ₹10,000) Athlete K’Apsule to function, each of which lasts a month. Decoration in home photo It’s a watch for serious athletes, then, but it’s an innovation that looks like it could have the potential to revolutionise professional training regimes. Home decorating ideas room by room The same technology is also being incorporated into the K’Track Glucose, which monitors blood sugar levels for diabetics.