Store wars_ conservative consumers v. s. social justice warriors

President-Elect Donald Trump is humorously referred to as a “Galactic Level Troll Master” for his ability to yank the chains of progressives and their media minons.

However, after his epic press conference this week, I would argue that Trump is the Obi Wan Kenobi of the rebellion against political correctness and social justice warriors that have dominated American culture for far too long. Types of art genres His example is now empowering America’s conservatives to push back against progressives who will never be appeased, using their wallets as their weapons.

Legal Insurrection fans are aware that Trump opponents organizing a boycott off L.L. Different types of styles in art Bean after it was reported that a member of the family that runs the business, Linda Bean, donated $60,000 to a Trump-supporting super PAC.

The organizers will be in for a big shock when they discover that “Tea Party”, independent conservatives who united in support of smaller government and adherence to constitutional principles, has not died.

Different types of art names Our networks of communication are still intact, and we are now using them to engage in “store-fare”.

Within a week of the L.F. Types of art paint brushes Bean story, every one of the pro-Trump and/or conservative news boards I monitor was encouraging a buy-cott of the apparel company. Different types of art and design portfolios I know fellow author Mark Finkelstein is planning to make a purchase. Types of art tools And while I am a classic fashion maven, and Ivanka Trump’s line is more my style, my son is authorized to make a wish list of clothes.

In the wake of this boycott, Linda Bean reports that online sales have upticked. Types of art themes Additionally, L.L.Bean is moving into a new 110,000-square-foot warehouse Maine to support stronger demand for its iconic boots.

Furthermore, the “Tea Party network” is sharing the link to the progressive boycott website,, and encouraging people to purchase from those businesses.

Of course, our wallets can cut both ways. 6 types of art Firms that think “virtue signalling” by insulting a large swath of its consumer base may want to rethink their marketing schemes.

Macy’s apparel store, the original anchor for the 1961 Mission Valley Center mall, is closing starting next week, the struggling department store chain announced Wednesday.

It is one of 65 stores that will close this year nationally following three that closed last year. Types of art forms About 3,900 employees are affected with 140 at the Mission Valley location.

Pundit Don Surber noted that the department store chain’s troubles were tied into the corporate decision to give Donald Trump’s line of clothing the boot during the primary campaign mania in 2015.

From TMZ on July 13, 2015: Sources connected to the department store tell TMZ, Macy’s has received complaints from approximately 30,000 customers since ending its relationship with Trump nearly 2 weeks ago. Types of contemporary art We’re told the store has been “inundated with complaints” from customers who believe the department store is unfairly punishing Trump for his views on immigration.

Part of Macy’s problem is that on-line shopping is cutting into bricks-and-mortar store profits. Different types of article 15 However, dramatic messaging that insults a significant portion of your consumer base will ensure these consumers use their computers instead of the cars when seeking products.

Kellogg’s corporate types demeaned many their American consumers when they publicly decided to cancel their ads on Breitbart, because the conservative political opinion site wasn’t aligned with Kellogg’s values. What are different types of arthritis The executives could have cancelled their ad buys quietly, and nobody would have suspected anything other than a revised marketing approach.

However, because of their choice to demonize Breitbart’s readers (including myself), I have decided that Kellogg’s will no longer be aligned with my money. Different types of art and examples It is amazing how many alternatives to Pop Tarts and Frosted Flakes you can find in today’s grocery stores when you look!

Time will tell how many other Americans are making the same free market choice, and if the Breitbart-lead boycott of Kellogg’s products will teach elite executives a valuable, free-market lesson.

The Huffington Post recently tried to persuade readers to boycott the publisher of the dramatic and entertaining conservative activist, Milo Yiannopoulos. Types of media in art Again, the conservative network stood strong.

LESS THAN 24 HOURS AFTER Milo Yiannopoulos’ upcoming book was announced, pre-orders for the controversial young conservative’s “Dangerous” propelled it to the top of Amazon’s bestseller list, knocking the recently deceased Carrie Fisher’s “Princess Diarist” down to No. Types of visual art styles 2.

Conservatism and traditional American values also have a wide fan base, and I suspect that many social justice warriors are going to be shocked by the “anger-signaling” of their fellow citizens through their purchase choices.

To progressives, I say: Witness the purchasing power of this fully-armed and -operational conservative consumer base. Types of fine art paint brushes You have only yourselves to blame for its construction.

Not being a Trump pom-pom gal, I can’t say. Different types of art paint My guess is that it’s not really under his purview except as much as federal regulations, rules, onerous tax burdens and work hour requirements, etc. How many types of art are there affect retail.

Bricks and mortar retail is going away. The types of art Kind of like whale oil lamps and horse and buggies. Types of art criticism Actually, it’s probably not going to be extinct; it’s just going to have to change a great deal. Different types of abstract art I think the big box and department stores are going to be hit the hardest, and the mom and pops that managed to survive their (big box stores, in particular) massive growth over the past several decades will still be there when they are all gone. Different types of fine art Also, I can’t remember where I read about or saw a story on a new retail approach that is all app-based, you essentially walk around the store, picking up whatever you want and walk out. Different types of roman art No cashiers, no tellers, no nothing. Different types of art careers I think it was an amazon enterprise, but don’t quote me on that. Types of art pencils Anyway, these places will clearly need stock people, clean up crews, security, managers/accountants, etc.

But I get side-tracked. Different types of art jobs I guess the Trump economy will be so yuge that people losing jobs in retail will find new ones building infrastructure, mining, on oil rigs, or whatever else will be opened up by cuts to regulations, etc. All types of art styles We’ve seen this type of thing before. Different types of art lines Television was supposed to make radio obsolete (it didn’t), microwaves were going to revolutionize kitchens and make ovens and stoves obsolete (they didn’t), and on and on. 5 types of artist Retailers who adapt or change to meet new/different demands will do fine; the others won’t. Types of visual art It’s not the federal government’s job to stop that or fix it.