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Back in the 1860s, Americans depended upon riders of the Pony Express to deliver the mail across the frontier. Decoration of home games Those riders endured myriad hardships, from hostile natives, bitterly hot or cold weather, bandits, wolves and bears. Interior home design courses (They probably never saw any bears in the desert, but I’m on a roll.

Home decor pictures living room Don’t slow it.) They risked their lives, all in the name of delivering something important to someone.

Our family celebrated a big wedding this past Saturday. Home decoration ideas handmade The bride-to-be, her mother and the groom-to-be left on Wednesday. Classic home decoration photos I had to stay back and work, planning to follow on Thursday.

They left me a collection of things to carry with me, since I drive a truck and would be traveling alone. Home decoration ideas for anniversary I walked out of the gym after covering basketball games on Wednesday night, climbed in my vehicle and drove home. Decoration of temple in home Waiting for me was my list of items to tote to New Orleans: Cases of champagne? Check. Interior home design bathroom Boxes of decorations? Check. Home decoration ideas on diwali Wedding gown? Check.

Do these people even know me? Have they not been taking notes? Have they not witnessed personally my levels of irresponsibility? I’m not even allowed to carry eggs out of the grocery store. Christmas home decoration ideas 2013 My wife has me stand in a corner of any shop in which there’s anything breakable. Home interior design hd photos I’m only allowed to drink from plastic cups.

Think of all the parts of a wedding without which one can still have a ceremony: the champagne, napkins, little flower thingys, even my rented tux. Home decorating tips pictures I could show up in a pair of biballs, carrying a box of wine and a bouquet of cheap daisies and the wedding could still take place. Interior home ideas gallery The new couple would still leave happy.

But show up without the wedding dress? As diligently as Aimee searched to find her dream gown? As hard as she worked out to ensure it would fit exactly the way she wanted on her special day? As thrilled as she was to wear it for the pre-wedding photos?

From the time I first began packing for the trip, I imagined every worst-case scenario. Interior home design jobs I had to hang the gown inside the cab of my pickup, taking great pains to lay it across the rest of the stuff without creating any wrinkles. Home decor ideas magazine Man, even backing out my driveway had me freaking out, scared a single bump would send the dress flying out the window.

Throughout the drive, I wore myself out performing mental drills, praying I’d be prepared for every possibility (specifically the bad ones). Home decor and pictures I dodged bugs flying at my windshield, hoping none would find a way to splatter inside on the gown. Interior home design career I didn’t want to stop and potty; what if someone tried to carjack me? Would I remember all the ninja moves those turtles taught me in the movies? I’d have to fight to the death while holding the dress out of reach lest I shed blood on it.

What if I got T-boned at a red light? Would my reflexes be fast enough to spin my truck in a 360 to make sure I took the brunt of the impact without wrinkling the dress?

I’d be driving through Louisiana, over the Atchafalaya Basin and the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway. Exterior decoration of home What if I accidentally drove off into a swamp? Would I be able to hold the gown aloft and above the mire with one hand while whacking snakes and gators with the other?

At every stop, before I got out of my truck, I eyed suspiciously every person I saw, trying to identify any potential gown bandits. Home decor ideas singapore At one station, I opened my truck door and got out to pump gas. Home decoration images india The people next to me saw the gown flowing across the back of my truck and the lacy parasol on the front seat. Home interior design jakarta I was alone. Decoration of pooja room at home They were amused. Home decor pictures kitchen To them, I’d already won first prize in a New Orleans drag show.

Night fell along the way. Home decoration tips for diwali When do people spot meteor showers? At night. Home decorating websites I drove with one hand holding the wheel, the other cupped at the end of my arm extended behind me and across the dress. Home decoration ideas pakistan If a meteor crashed through the roof of my truck, I was gonna catch it no matter how hot it was.

When I finally reached New Orleans, there were people at the hotel waiting to help me unload my truck. Home decoration wall pictures No, sir. Home decor wall photo frames I wasn’t about to let any of them touch the dress. Decoration of home mandir I rushed up the stairs — what if I’d gotten stuck in the elevator and the hotel caught fire? — found Aimee’s room, and knocked. Home decor pictures ideas When she answered, I fell to my knees at her feet, holding the gown aloft, a battered knight presenting the Holy Grail.

Somehow, I got the gown to her. Saudi international furniture interior design & home decoration expo The wedding took place on Saturday, and Aimee looked absolutely stunning, every bit the radiant bride. Home decor pictures malaysia As those in attendance gushed over her beautiful dress, I didn’t take any credit, didn’t say a word about bugs or swamps or T-bones or gators or meteors. Home interior design led lights But I knew.

We said good-bye to the newlyweds the next morning. Room decoration pictures for birthday party We were on our way back home, while they were about to embark on their honeymoon. Home decor ideas homemade I loaded some of their stuff in my trusty chariot/truck, got ready to hug everyone good-bye and turned when Aimee called my name.

Years from now, when someone visiting Aimee’s home sees a photo of Aimee the bride looking beautiful in her gown, I’ll simply point and say with all the pride I can muster: