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For the final 2016 Spotlight Property awards, Southeast Kansas Point of Pride selected properties owned by Carl Hoskins and Lorraine Evert, Dan and Marge Anderson and Wave Wireless, owned by Galen and Sandy Manners.

The awards are given to recognize owners who, by giving extra care to the appearance of their properties, have improved neighborhoods where they are located and made the Parsons community more inviting to residents and visitors.

Carl E. Home decor ideas on a budget pinterest Hoskins and Lorraine D. Interior home lighting ideas Evert purchased their home at 22026 Ness Road Sept.

Home decorating ideas modern living room 26, 2008, and moved in immediately. Interior home decoration design According to Evert, many things about the location attracted them. Home decoration tips for indian homes The mid-century brick home is situated on 10 acres and it has a long driveway.

The property was originally owned by Harlen P. Home decorating ideas uk and Wilma Stephens and included a half section where Mr. Home decoration pictures free Stephens operated part of his cattle business. Decoration home style Mrs. Decorating home gym ideas Stephens owned and operated Stephens’ Women’s Wear in downtown Parsons.

“While the history of the property was very interesting to us, the most compelling draw was the nightly view of some of the most glorious sunsets we’ve ever seen. Home interior design websites india When we first moved in, we would take a few minutes every evening to sit on the back patio and enjoy an unobstructed view of the sun setting on the horizon,” Evert said.

“We enjoy it, though. Interior home designs of rossendale It doesn’t seem like work, and working outside is great exercise. Home decorating ideas for january Even in the fall and winter, we keep busy cleaning gutters, picking up sticks and trash thrown in the ditches and cutting back summer plants,” Evert added.

“We take a lot of pride in keeping our home and yard well maintained. Home decoration tips hindi me We do it out of a sense of stewardship to the land and responsibility to future generations of dwellers of ‘The Ranch,’ as we affectionately call it,” Evert said.

To make maintaining property easier, they suggest people perform maintenance on a regular basis, break up the work up into small projects so that it doesn’t seem overwhelming and select low-maintenance, drought-tolerant species for plantings.

The two often discuss ideas to restore or improve aspects of their property. Home decor tips 2015 Wish list items include a pergola, fire pit and some type of water feature.

“We have a few acres of native prairie located just south of the house and hope to expand that area. Home decorating tips for beginners The wildflowers it produces each year are amazing,” Evert said.

“We would also like to plant some trees. Decoration of home walls Many of the oak and pine trees that originally lined the driveway and surrounded the house have died and had to be removed,” Hoskins said.

“We saw this was for sale at the time we needed a home, inquired about it, found it adequate and bought it. Home decorating ideas with photos Then we remodeled. Home interior design quotes We added the garage, the porch and then added the big shop garage in the back,” Mr. Home decorating ideas for the living room Anderson said.

Adjoining his property on the west side are rentals that he purchased, fixed up and keeps well maintained. Home decorating ideas videos Along with the recommendation of his property, people mentioned how much they appreciate the improvement his work on those houses has made to their neighborhood.

“I have the rentals and also the old John Deere building across the street, ‘The Pad.’ I really don’t know how much time I spend on maintenance, but I have quite a bit to do.

The Anderson home, sitting on the southwest corner of 39th Street and Main, is distinguished by a large log sign with their name carved in it.

After his mailbox was run over on the highway and knocked down several times, Anderson got permission from the postmaster to move it just around the corner onto 39th Street. Homemade interior decoration That’s when he added a second well-recognized landmark.

Anderson said it’s good to maintain property because people driving into town see that. Decoration item home It shows the pride residents have in their community. Home decorating ideas photos free It’s something others see and think, “Hey, people here like to keep things looking nice.”

“I think there are some people that desire a nice place but can’t do it at this time because of medical or financial setbacks. Home decor pictures bedroom There’s always issues, but I believe for the most part everyone (in Parsons) desires to have a nice place,” Anderson added.

Wave Wireless, a locally owned and operated broadband internet provider, moved into its present location at 2130 Corning Ave. Home interior design usa seven years ago for several reasons, according to the Manners.

“It is on a fairly heavily traveled street for visibility and also had the combination of office and warehouse space we needed,” Sandy Manners said.

She said they are fortunate to have a low-maintenance facility and don’t have to spend much weekly time taking care of it. Home decorating ideas living room colors They like to decorate for the holidays.

Because Wave Wireless is located on a street that is fairly well traveled, the couple not only wants to project the image that they care to their customers but also to visitors to town who may pass by their location.

“Not only does it add to the appearance of professionalism for your business, it adds to the overall appearance of our community, which benefits everyone,” she said.

SEK Point of Pride plans to make Spotlight Property awards again in the spring of 2017. Home decorating tips living room Many Parsonians take pride in keeping their property looking good and the organization wants help from Parsons community members to recognize these citizens for their efforts. Interior home designs photo gallery Anyone can nominate a Parsons area home or business to be spotlighted.

Nominations, as well as inquiries or other suggestions for the organization, can be made on the group’s Facebook page, SEK Point of Pride, and through letters mailed to P.O. Home decorating ideas on a low budget Box 146, Parsons, KS 67357.