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HYPNOSIS to QUIT SMOKING is by far the fastest growing market in Hypnosis Today. Smoking cessation counseling icd 9 code Those who specialize in and become certified as a Smoking Cessation Specialist can expect a constant source of clients as well as considerably higher income than their non-certified Associates. Benefits of quitting smoking timeline with patch Therefore having a highly effective Quit Smoking Program is vital.

Throughout the Years consumers have become more quality conscious than ever before and are now seeking out specialist for their concerns rather than general practitioners. Hse smoking cessation training If you’re presently a Hypnosis Practitioner you owe it to yourself to specialize in a niche that you feel comfortable with, enjoy and can help as many people as possible.

With your ASH Quit Smoking Certificate you’ll feel confident with your new abilities to begin advertising and practicing as a Specialist. Smoking cessation guidelines If you’re interested in building your clients and your confidence as you breathe new life into your current practice then this course is to you.

In addition to being the author of over 35 hypnosis related books and courses Rene has created and been practicing these highly effective programs for approximately 20 years.

“Congratulations on your decision to become a Professional Smoking Cessation Specialist. Smoking cessation drugs list This course will set you apart form the rest and show clients that you are the best person for the job to help them attain their goal to quit smoking. Benefits of quitting smoking day by day I wish you the very best of success in your new business focus.”

• A complete Quit Smoking in One Session Audio by Rene to show you how the session should go and how it should sound with pacing, pauses and transitioning.

You’ll Learn the Psychological Aspects of quitting smoking so you can be sure that your clients are in a positive mental mindset and committed to quit. Laser smoking cessation chicago This helps them to understand that they’re quitting for the right reasons helping ensure that they remain smoke-free.

Why did they start smoking? Understanding that why they started smoking isn’t the same reason they’re presently smoking can make a big impact mentally.

Why do they WANT to Quit? This reason alone can be the difference between quitting for a week and quitting permanently. Smoking cessation training courses We’ll show you how to raise their own commitment level to quit!

” I liked the well thought out order in which it was presented, along with referral links for even more back up data if you needed it. Benefits of smoking cessation timeline I wrote two pages of notes covering the stats on smoking, phone interview, single, group & corporate sessions, charges and advertising.

I particularly like how to put the “I can’t afford it!” into perspective. Who smoking cessation Explaining how the person is going to be spending the money anyway for their habit. Mayo clinic smoking cessation training program Then showing them how they can now be saving money, once the habit is gone, to spend on a vacation, or purchase items they really want. Smoking cessation counseling guidelines Such good tips on how to replace a negative with a positive, make the sale and get them to a better health status.

Note: This course is designed to teach you specialized training focused on smoking cessation knowledge and is designed for practitioners who have already completed a course or have basic understanding of conducting hypnosis sessions.

Disclaimer: Neither the American School of Hypnosis nor the Author makes any claim of how much income you can make or your success with this or any of our courses. Benefits of quitting smoking cdc We realize that any degree of success cannot be generically measured. Smoking cessation drugs chantix It requires your personal effort, expertise and dedication. Laser smoking cessation halifax Everyone is different so everyone results will be different as well. Smoking cessation drugs zyban We will not be held liable in any way, shape or form for the success or lack of resulting from our courses or training. Benefits of quitting smoking cigarettes They are simply the opinions of our author(s) according to their past experiences and research. Smoking cessation tips Due to the nature of the copyrighted course information sent which are all sent electronically through online services once they are received they are considered as opened/used therefore all sales are considered final and non-refundable.