Qnap nas and twonky media server

I have a QNAP NAS at home. Asianet digital tv online bill payment I don’t really use it in my home lab for hosting VMs. Digital tv inc I prefer to use EMC’s VSA for that. Digital tv antenna installation guide I do use it to store templates, ISO files and other software along with all of my digital media and documents etc.

One of the features that comes built in with most QNAP devices is a UPNP Media Server, which is actually a repackaged version of Twonky. Digital tv qam When enabled it allows me to stream video content from the QNAP to my blu-ray player and watch it on a decent sized screen.

Digital tv station qnap It works well with DivX AVI files but it wasn’t happy with several other formats. List of digital tv channels I put it down to a lack of support from my blu-ray player but then I came up with a reason to dig deeper.

I received a video of a family event the other week and the file was in an MKV format (or container). Digital tv best buy Although it showed up when I pointed the blu-ray player at it, when I tried to play the file not a lot happened. Tv digital aberta gratis At least not at first. Digital tv conversion After about 30 seconds a 2 second clip of the video played before pausing for another 30 seconds. Digital tv tuner walmart This probably would have carried on the for the entire duration if I’d let it.

A few minutes later I became aware that the fan in the QNAP had started to run at its maximum speed. Digital tv listings After a quick SSH connection was established I could see that the process “ffmpeg” was pegging the CPU of the NAS.

So, what was happening was that the Twonky Media server was trying to transcode on-the-fly into a format that it felt comfortable serving to my blu-ray player. Xfinity tv digital economy channels The CPU in the NAS is just not up to that job!

That left me with two options. Digital tv problems The first was to manually transcode the file on another computer into a format that would work. Moto g digital tv This would certainly do the job but would also mean a loss in quality and, in the event that I get lots more MKV files, be a pain to have to do over and over again.

There seems to be some fairly broad support for different video file formats. Digital tv channels rochester ny The important thing is that MKV is a container and not a codec. Channel 9 digital tv As long as the blu-ray player is capable of playing the contained video, it shouldn’t be too difficult working with the container format. Www tv digital gratis However, DivXHD is apparently not supported using DLNA. Dtv digital tv I won’t let that stop me though. Tv digital 4 3 It plays normal DivX files perfectly well.

Next up, looking at the media server. Digital tv xbox one There’s plenty of people who have bemoaned the lack of support for MKV files in Twonky it would seem. T online digital tv And while it’s easy enough to turn it off, I’d need to replace it with something.

I looked at MediaTomb and a couple of other efforts but there seemed to be a lot of compiling required for some of them and I didn’t want to clutter my NAS up with lots of compilers and libraries. Digital tv channels in los angeles It’s there to server files primarily, the rest is a bonus. Digital tv area It’s certainly not supposed to be a development platform.

Finally I discovered that a later version of Twonky (6.x) could be installed instead of the bundled version (5.x). Www tv digital online gratis com br Looking into this it was quite straight forward.

QNAPs have a plugin system called QPKG that allows some extra functionality to be added to the NAS. Xbox one digital tv tuner A selection of packages can be installed very simply using the web-based admin utility.

Simply navigate to “Application Servers > OPKG Plugins” in the QNAP admin GUI and click the “GET QPKG” button to be shown the list of available plugins.

After selecting, downloading and installing the correct package it can then simply be enabled. Tv digital mediadaten Doing so even automatically disables the built-in version of Twonky.

Sadly this didn’t fix things. O que significa tv digital You could even say that it made them worse. Baixar tv digital gratis no celular Before the MKV file had at least shown up, now it was nowhere to be seen by the blu-ray player.

A bit more googling found a solution for me though. Digital tv fcc It seems that if we change the MIME type of MKV files as far as Twonky is concerned, the blu-ray player will find the file and should be able to play it.

The first step in doing this is determining what user agent Twonky detects the blu-ray player as being. Digital broadcast tv As you might have noticed, Twonky has a config GUI that runs on port 9000 by default. Tv digital tv One of the views available shows connected Media Receivers.

Via an SSH connection to the NAS, the configuration for the profile can be changed. Digital tv channel 9 To do this you need to edit the file /share/MD0_DATA/.qpkg/TwonkyMedia/resources/clients.db with vi or your favourite text editor.

Just like that my blu-ray player could play MKV files. Tv digital programm It’s not perfect. Tv digital gratis gobierno Playback is smooth but seeking (fast forward or reverse playback) doesn’t work very well. Channel 7 digital tv frequency It’ll do for my purposes though.

In fairness, updating to the latest TwonkyMedia was the first step in trying to work out what was going on. Digital tv guide tonight It’s possible that you could make the older version work.

The catch though is that the bundled version of TwonkyMedia (or at least the clients.db file) lives in an area that I think gets refreshed each reboot meaning that you either lose your changes or you have to come up with a way to get around that.

That said, the method for finding out what your PS3 or BRAVIA TV connect as should be more or less the same. Airtel digital tv online purchase The older version has a web gui too I think. Digital tv deutschland Try the same MIME type and see if that works is all that I can suggest.