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When you open Outlook on the web for business, your Inbox is the first thing you see. Different types of art jobs Your Inbox is where messages sent to you arrive, and where you’ll probably spend the most time reading and responding to messages.

Important: If you’re on a mobile device, for the best experience we recommend that you install the latest Microsoft app for your device: Outlook for iOS or Outlook for Android. All types of art styles Working with Mail

Note: If you want to use the light version of Outlook on the web for business, see Options>Outlook Web App version. Different types of art lines The light version of Outlook on the web for business is designed for use with older web browsers that are not supported by the standard version of Outlook on the web for business, for use over slow connections, and to meet accessibility needs by providing a simplified interface that’s easier to use with screen readers.

Forgot your password? If you have an Office 365 account, go to to reset your password. 5 types of artist Or contact your organization’s administrator for help. Types of visual art What you’ll see in Mail

When you open Mail, you get a quick view of your standard and any custom folders, a list of received messages, and a reading pane that lets you instantly review the content of any message you choose.

In the Search mail and people box, type what you want to search for. Types of art education For example, type the name of a person you want to find messages from, or enter text that you want to search for to find a particular message.

Note: The first time you enter a person’s name, Outlook on the web for business searches for that person’s address. Different types of martial art The name then is cached so in the future the search is resolved quickly.

As you create a new email message (or respond to an existing one), Outlook on the web for business automatically saves it in your Drafts folder. Types of art styles painting This default action is useful, particularly if a situation arises that requires you to suspend creation of a new message. Types of modern art You can finish composing message when you choose.

If you haven’t created a signature, see Create and add an email signature in Outlook Web App. Types of art wiki You can choose to manually add your signature or to automatically add it to all messages or to individual messages.

By default, you read and create messages in the reading pane, but that isn’t always what you need. Types of art paintings Sometimes you need to be able to view a message in a separate window.

When you delete a message, it’s sent to the Deleted Items folder. What types of art are there Messages in the Deleted Items folder may be permanently deleted by an automated policy set by your helpdesk, by selecting them while in the folder and deleting them, or by emptying the Deleted Items folder. Types of art movement For information about recovering deleted messages, see Recover deleted items or email in Outlook Web App. List of types of art styles Empty the Deleted Items folder

When you open Mail, the message list is in the center pane, flanked on the left by the Folder list, and on the right by the reading pane. Cool types of art By default, the message list shows the messages in your Inbox, the current folder. Different types of artificial satellites This default setting doesn’t limit you to which messages are displayed. Different types of media in art You can manage the displayed messages by choosing a filter or by using search. Different types of contemporary art There also are other tools available with the message list to let you take care of some tasks.

Choose icons at the right of the message list to delete a message or conversation or to add a flag. Different types of artwork Other icons show you which messages have attachments, importance of (high or low), and how many unread items there are in a conversation.

Right-click a message to see a menu of options. Different types of art for preschoolers There are options such as mark a message as read or unread, move it to another folder, or create a rule based on that message. Different types of painting art On a touch screen, use tap and hold to view the message options.

The reading pane is where messages are displayed. Types of art majors You can read and respond to a message in the reading pane. How many types of art Or, you can open a message in a separate (new) window.

To search, in the Search box start typing what you want to look for. 2 types of articles A list of suggestions appears underneath, and you can select one of those suggestions to search for that item. Types of digital art styles Or you can finish entering your own search text and then press Enter to start your search. Different types of japanese art To clear your search, choose the icon at the right of the search box.

The built-in filters—All, Unread, To me, and Flagged—are a way to quickly choose what to display in the message list. Types of art courses All shows all messages, Unread shows messages that haven’t been marked as read, To me shows all messages where your name appears in the To or Cc list, and Flagged shows all messages marked for further action.

Important: If you’re on a mobile device, for the best experience we recommend that you install the latest Microsoft app for your device: Outlook for iOS or Outlook for Android.

Instead of using a right-click to see an on-screen menu, tap and hold. Different types of art designs To choose multiple items in the message list, swipe each item that you want to add. Types of art drawing To deselect an item, swipe it again.

The Folders list shows the default folders that are created for all mailboxes and any folder that you create. Types of art work Depending on the setup in your organization, you may also see Favorites and Archive folders.

You can right-click any item in the Folders list to see a menu of things you can do, such as create a new folder, delete an existing folder, or empty a folder. Different types of art list On a touch screen, tap and hold an item to the menu for that item. 5 different types of lines in art Create a new folder

Right-click (or tap and hold) any folder in the Folders list and choose create new folder. Types of art schools A new, unnamed, folder is added as a subfolder to the folder you selected.

Mail identified as possible junk email is automatically moved to the Junk Email folder, and any potentially dangerous content within the message, for example, links or executable code, is disabled.

You can manage junk email reporting and other settings under the Options menu. Different types of form in art See the topics below to learn more about Junk mail, and how to manage the settings.