Interview_ dj amadeus on house music, indiana jones and dumplings – that’s shenzhen

Sharing the stage with the likes of Swedish House Mafia and Tiesto, Dennis Ivanoff – better known by his stage name DJ Amadeus – is one of New York’s most notable house and progressive house DJs. Decoration home 2014 In anticipation of his January 13 performance at Fei, in the W Guangzhou, we caught up with Ivanoff to get his thoughts on house music, Indiana Jones and dumplings.

Mr. Ganesh home decoration photos Ivanoff, tell us a bit about how your Ukrainian heritage, and the fact both your parents are singers, has shaped your musical escapades? I am from Ukraine, I immigrated to the United States at the age of 13. Home decorating ideas bathroom My parents were singers, they performed on many television shows, in bands and solo. Decorating home theater ideas If not for them, I would have never become a DJ or producer. Decoration home living room I was born as a musician.

My parents told me that when I was 3 years old, I used to pull out pans in the kitchen and play on them with spoons like I was playing the drums. Interior design home gym When I was 5, at my older brother’s wedding, I brought my own kids drum set and sat in front of the band. Decoration of ganpati in home photos They where like, please, move this kid, he is in our way. Home decorating ideas painting My parents asked them to give me five minutes. Home decor ideas wall art After those five minutes, the drummer sat me on his lap and gave me the sticks. Diwali home decoration photos I was playing the big drums all night and perfectly, everyone was shocked.

My parents had to enroll me in a special music school. Decoration of home There I learned piano as a professional classical pianist. Home decorating pictures walls So pretty much all my life has been related to music. Decoration of home in diwali Then with age, that classical music grew into electronic music. Christmas home decor ideas 2014 When I first went to a nightclub when I was 15, as soon as I walked in, I knew that I wanted to do this and only this for the rest of my life, as long as I can! That’s how it all started and progressed.

For our readers that are unfamiliar with electronic music, can you briefly explain the difference between house music and progressive house? Traditional house music is very groovy. Home decor ideas diy pinterest Drums, little diva voice samples repeating every two to four bars, sometimes you can hear a little saxophone or flute playing along the groove, very easy to dance to, very smooth and never boring in style. Home decorating ideas photos House is where it all began. Home decorating ideas cheap easy Progressive house is a bit faster, harder, a lot more melodic and it ‘progresses.’

Progressive house nowadays sounds more like trance music, but with the beat and tempo of house music, which averages 128 beats per minute. Home decorating styles pictures You will most likely hear a house beat with harder percussion and many trance elements, like bright synths, piano, a very melodic break down with a sexy vocal that drops into a hard beat or drop. Home decorating ideas cottage style So, pretty much, like I said earlier, progressive house is house with trance elements.

How have you straddled these genres? I love and play both styles depending on the crowd and dance floor reaction. Decoration of mandir for home It is not that hard to tell the difference once you get into electronic music and listen to a bunch of different tracks over and over. Home decoration tips for small indian homes It didn’t take me long until I knew what is what. Home decorating ideas for guys It’s like hip-hop and R’n’B. Decoration home design Hip-hop is mostly a beat with words and R’n’B is more melodic, with more singing. Interior home design photos At least that’s how I describe it.

Have you previously performed in China, and if so what about performing here left and impression on you? Yes, I’ve performed all over China since 2007. Home decor ideas south africa I played in many cities repeatedly and continuously. Home interior decorating stores At first, I didn’t like those ‘watermelon clubs,’ where there is no dance floor, just lots of tables and people drinking, eating watermelon and playing games. Interior home decoration india The people don’t dance and don’t pay any attention to the DJ. Decoration in home But after some time, maybe a few years, it all transformed into world-class nightclubs like we have in New York. Home decor ideas malaysia Dance floor and tables, big stage with visuals for the DJ, incredible light shows and effects, crowds really responding and paying attention to the DJ.

Before people didn’t know any DJ or any EDM songs, now they are very educated and respond really well. B&q home decorating ideas They know their DJs, their tracks, their styles. Home decorating ideas small living room It’s very inspiring. Home decor ideas country When I am on the plane en route to China, usually it’s a 13- to 16-hour flight, I prepare my sets and think really hard about how to impress people, how not to play too many older or newer tracks, how to keep everyone going crazy till the end of the set. Ganapati home decoration photos It’s really cool! I enjoy playing in China a lot!

You have had the honor of playing the same stage as some pretty notable deck masters. Interior home decorating ideas living room Who left the biggest impression on you? I would say that Swedish House Mafia and Tiesto were a highlight for me. Home decor pictures living room showcases It was very inspiring! Those guys are really talented and super cool! I played with Tiesto a few times and Steve Angello of Swedish House Mafia as they did their first-ever show as Swedish House Mafia at the best club in New York, Mansion, where I was a resident DJ for three years. Interior home designs of rossendale kitchens I can truly say it was by far my best moment in New York as a DJ.

What major city is your favorite to perform in? Wow, it’s hard to say. Home decor photos living room I had so many great shows in many cities. Home decorating ideas on a budget photos I would say in Moscow. Interior decoration in home I had a crazy show in a club called Tuning Hall, were I played for 8,000 clubbers and it was massive! The crowd response was incredible, what energy!

I also love Asia, very big fan of the culture and recent club scene development. Modern home decor photo gallery It’s totally awesome, so many clubs! Hong Kong, Beijing, Shanghai is always great. Interior home decoration tips Last year I had a show in Foshan, the club was insane, Club Grammy. Home decor ideas using waste Had a blast! Always fun in Guangzhou! Love my friends and crew at the W Hotel at Fei, fantastic every time! Bangkok is great. Home decorating ideas grey walls Montreal, Toronto, Kiev, Miami, and how can I forget my hometown, New York City, where the city never sleeps! Had my biggest residencies there at Mansion, Pink Elephant and steady appearances at the legendary Webster Hall. Home interior decorating software My best memories from the golden age of clubbing were when I was a resident at the Tunnel, Limelight and Exit. Home decorating ideas blog That was something!

Having Eastern European heritage, you must be familiar with pierogis. Interior home design games What is the best pierogi filling? Absolutely! I am from Ukraine and we invented the pierogi! I love them all. Home decor photo frames online My favorite filling is meat but you can’t have just one! I also love potato. Home interior decoration videos Sometimes they put potato and mushrooms together, yummy! And for a little sweeter, dessert feel, definitely sweet cottage cheese or cherry filling!

Your thoughts on Chinese dumplings? I love Chinese dumplings! Ultimate meal every time! I live in New York City and we have a very big China Town in Manhattan. Home decor ideas diy It literally feels like China when I’m down there and they have one of the best dumpling restaurants. Home decoration painting designs I just love it! And, of course, every time I come to China, especially Hong Kong, I always go for some dumplings!

Who is the more badass character, Indiana Jones or Han Solo? Indiana Jones for sure! I’ve seen every Indiana Jones movie and I’m very embarrassed to say that I haven’t seen one Star Wars movie.

Which is the superior pet, cat or dog? Definitely dogs! I have a dog and I love him to death! He is my best friend and like a son, dances with so much happiness when I come home and understands everything. Decoration of ganpati in home He’s very smart and listens! I trained him well, unlike cats, that stay pretty much to themselves and never listen. 9 home decorating ideas Not to mention I have allergies to cats. Home decorating ideas black and white But I love all animals.

Guangzhou: Jan 13, 10pm-late; RMB100, including a drink; free for ladies before 11pm. Home decor pictures for sale Fei, W Hotel. Home decoration gift ideas See event listing. Home decor inspiration photos Macau: Jan 14, 10pm-late. Home ideas decoration Pacha Macau (Studio City).