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In its natural habitat of the small unkempt conversion flats of North London, the young adult male freelancer hunches over the light of his laptop. Online work from home opportunities He is emailing his boss and, as is common for his species, is doing so in his pyjamas. Work from home data entry net He has not showered yet today, and it is unlikely that he will for the foreseeable future.

It’s a great life, right? You wear whatever you want, eat whenever you want, smell as bad as you like, but you still get the job done, contribute to the UK economy, build a country that works for everyone etc etc. Jobs you can work from home Everybody wins.

Even in the top five cities in which people work from home, the numbers aren’t that huge. Work from home data entry australia Around 12 per cent of Brighton-dwellers take up the opportunity; 11.3 per cent in Bournemouth relish underpants-office-life; 11.2 per cent feel similarly in Aldershot; Reading comes in fifth with 11 per cent.

Given the wonders of the internet – Skype, Slack, Facebook, email, screensharing – and the importance of wearing pyjamas, the fact that only one in ten choose to work from home even in cities with high concentrations of home-workers seems surprising.

There doesn’t seem to be wild variation between cities, either. Work from home data entry phoenix az Even the cities where people are least likely to work from home aren’t so far behind Brighton and its ilk.

In Hull, 5.1 per cent work from home; 6 per cen t of Liverpudlians are work-from-homers. Can you work from home Sunderland has 6.3 per cen t , Crawley 6.6 per cen t , and Plymouth 6.7 per cen t .

And there doesn’t seem to be a phenomenal rush to work from home, either. How to work from home with baby Comparing the data from the 2001 and 2011 censuses shows visually that proportions have crept up a little bit, but Brits still seem reticent to throw in the towel and work from home.

The biggest increases came in the aforementioned Brighton – where the percentage of people who work from home has gone up by 2.8 points from 2001 – and Belfast, where the increase was 2.5 points . Work online from your home The hallowed halls of Cambridge and Oxford saw a growth of 2 points or so, while Reading clocked a 1.9 percentage points increase .

In a vague attempt to try and work out how the most work-from-home-ish cities might have earned their titles, it’s worth looking at house prices, as ever. E learning work from home But it’s worth doing that with a slight caveat. Work from home jobs companies London, obviously, warps everything. Work from home jobs for nurse practitioners Its house prices are so far beyond the pale, and its diversity in employment, workplaces, and just about every metric means that it is a fairly severe outlier on this comparison.

So, to make life more convenient, I’ll just leave it out. Online work from home jobs without investment The graph below compares the proportion of people who worked from home according to the 2011 census – the most recent data available – with the average house price in 2015 – again, the most recent data, with London taken out of the equation altogether.

Now it’s not perfect, but you can see there’s definitely a slight correlation. Online work from home for chartered accountants Cities like Oxford and Cambridge stick out because of their stupendous house prices, while Blackpool overperforms on the working from home front relative to its lower house price average.

This graph shows house price growth from 2003 to 2015 (the full range of data available) alongside the change in the proportion of people working from home from 2001 to 2011 (again, full range of data).

You can see fairly quickly that the correlation isn’t anything like as strong. Best work from home Oxford, Cambridge, Brighton, and London stick out like a sore thumb, whilst all the other cities sort of huddle together generically like they’re waiting for the sad bus to hyper-cool-city-land.

So for now, all we really know is that if you live in a city where house prices are higher, you’re probably a little more likely to work from home. How to work from home with google I guess if you’ve paid through the teeth for a place, you’re more likely to want to spend every waking moment working in it and every sleeping moment sleeping in it.

But with more people working self-employed, and the fabled “ portfolio career” – if under 30, read: “ unemployed” ; if over 30, read: “ more successful than you” – becoming more popular, who knows? Maybe the 2021 census will hold out all kinds of working-from-home-related excitements.

Editor’s note: This article draws heavily on the work of the architecture writer Owen Hatherley, particularly his book Landscapes of Communism and this article in the Architectural Review. Work from home canada We are happy to make this clear.

Britain is in the grip of a housing crisis – but we are not the first country to face a desperate shortage of housing. E publishing work from home After the Second World War, the Soviet Union and its satellite states faced a crisis on a much larger scale. Work from home data entry jobs utah The urban destruction caused by the war, and the relocation of vast numbers of people to the cities due to rapid industrialisation, had led to overcrowding and housing conditions similar to those experienced in Victorian England.

In the second half of the 1950s, the Communist party set about solving the problem by producing vast quantities of housing, mostly made of prefabricated parts that could be easily mass produced. Work from home data entry dallas texas The huge program of post-war housing construction is both one of the Soviet bloc’s greatest successes and most iconic failures.

These new housing estates were called “microrayons” (literally micro-regions), and many had a population equivalent to entire cities in the West. Work from home data entry jobs Through these microrayons, governments in the Communist countries succeeded in providing nearly-free housing for all workers. 1 800 flowers work from home Rents were set at 5 per cent of income (in the UK today we spend 52 per cent of our income on rent, and 72 per cent in London). How to work from home as a graphic designer Citizens were provided with brand new dwellings with central heating, hot water and electricity, which was unusual for the USSR at that time.

Some microrayons sum up everything that was lifeless, grey and oppressive about life under Communism: identical flats, on identical floors, in identical blocks, arranged around identical quads that stretched as far as the eye could see, crushed any sense of individualism. How to work from home jobs These new housing districts lacked identity, history, pride and place; everything that makes a collection of housing units located near each other into a community.

Despite being mass produced by a centrally-planned economy, there were substantial differences between microrayons. Legitimate work from home jobs seattle The Thousandth Anniversary Estate in Katowice, Poland, has visually distinct blocks, grass and wooded areas. Legitimate work from home jobs las vegas Its most iconic building is the Corns, so named because its cylindrical structure resembles cobs of corn.

This microrayon is beautiful by contemporary standards of urban planning – partly because its green areas have grown up as the community grew, but also because EU funding has been used to restore the estate. Online work from home jobs Another example is Seskine in Vilnius, Lithuania, where variations in the prefabricated modernist architecture and locating the blocks around a central shopping square breaks up the uniformity of the microrayon.

But for every microrayon that expressed some individuality, there were others that were the epitome of how Communism was indifferent to the individual. Online work from home sydney These were designed from the top down and looked magnificent from above – but on the ground they were impractical for living. Online work from home without investment in india Usachevka in Moscow was made from almost-identical three-to-five story square blocks. Legitimate work from home jobs in australia Built under Joseph Stalin, it is the epitome of a totalitarian housing development.

Lazdynai in Vilnius houses over thirty thousand people, but is entirely uniformly designed and consists of low cost concrete-panel blocks of flats, known as Khrushchyovkas as they were the building choice of Nikita Khrushchev’s regime.

Estates like Lazdynai, design in the International Style of modernist architecture, dominated the Warsaw Pact countries during the 1950s and 60s. Work from home jobs for seniors Stalin largely suppressed modernist architecture, as he did not want workers’ housing to be oppressive, uniform dwellings. Work from home jobs for 17 year olds The International Style was uniquely suited to the mass production of prefabricated parts, and this was the best way for Khrushchev’s centrally-planned economy to produce enough housing to meet demand.

“It would be to the greatest advantage of a centrally-directed system of production if only one type of prefabricated panel were constructed, from which one type of apartment building would be constructed … and together this would create a single type of housing development constructed according to one standardized urban development plan, with minor adjustments for landscape, given the regrettable irregularity of the earth’s surface.”

The housing crisis that we face in the UK is very different to that of the post-war Soviet bloc. How to work from home for care com The Communist governments of Eastern Europe had an abundance of land to build on, which made housing developments on the scale of the microrayons possible. E publishing work from home jobs These countries were able to provide cheap housing for millions of people using centralised planning and mass production, but some microrayons were uniform to the point of being oppressive. How to work from home online without investment Our capitalist system’s strength is in using different combinations of mass-produced goods to express our individualism, which does not lend itself to the construction of microrayons.

The microrayons show what can be achieved if a government has the will to tackle a housing crisis. Work from home reviews We can learn from the mistakes of an over-reliance on mass production and prefabrication to create estates that are varied, pleasanter and more likely to foster vibrant communities.