If you never wanted a style coach, we bet you will now

“Think about this: On a daily basis, we are just trying to get through the grind, but we aren’t checking in with ourselves to say, ‘Does this really make me happy? Is what I’m doing really fulfilling? I’ve always wanted to try X.’ We aren’t tuned into thinking about that kind of stuff, but taking the time for you is important — all women deserve that,” says Style Coach Megan LaRussa Chenoweth of Megan LaRussa. Interior home design vancouver “Life is way too short not to get really connected with yourself and your purpose and what you’re meant to reflect to others, and that happens with your clothes. Home decoration images Whether you think it is shallow or not, it is a fact that within three seconds, people form an opinion of others based just upon what they are wearing. Home decorating inspiration pictures So, why not make sure you are reflecting the best version of you.”

“When I first meet with a client, we spend a lot of time on what their personal style is and what they want to reflect to the world,” says Megan. Home decorating ideas for thanksgiving “We figure out how their style works with their body type, clean out their closet, and then we go shopping, and what we buy is so much more on point because we’ve done all the prep work.” Megan’s Transformative Work

Megan is not just a personal shopper or stylist. Home interior ideas uk She is an enthusiastic fashion educator, coach and mentor who wants to arm her clients with an understanding of their personal style and a working command of how to shop for and dress their body type for the results they want, thus removing any dependence on her and empowering them with self-awareness, confidence and style. Interior home design for small spaces She’s dubbed herself a “style coach,” and she’s turning her clients across the country into their own expert shoppers and stylists extraordinaire.

“The fashion industry has always been elite and exclusive. Home decoration ideas for ganesh chaturthi There are the experts, and then there are the consumers, and the experts tell you what to wear. Home interior design wall colors What I’m trying to do is bridge the two. Home decoration ideas 2015 Fashion is for everyone. Room decoration pictures in pakistan We all have to wear clothes,” says Megan with a laugh. Interior home remodeling ideas “So, why not wear something that gives you confidence for that meeting or date night or even working from home. Home decor ideas for kid bedrooms And I love seeing how they just beam with confidence when they love what they are wearing. Decoration outside home It is the most exciting, empowering, inspiring thing to watch my clients blossom in different ways. Interior home designs rossendale It makes you feel more in line with your purpose, not just in line with who you are, but with what you were put here on this earth to do,” says Megan. Home decoration pictures pakistan Her process inevitably delves deeper into her clients’ personas as she works with them to define their personal style and what they want to reflect to the world. Decoration home modern Many of her clients are professional women looking to take their careers to the next level, and as they work on themselves from the outside, change inevitably happens within.

“Who I was in New York at 22 and who I am now at 30 is a totally different person, and if I were still dressing as my 22-year-old self and I hadn’t cleaned out my closet and refreshed my wardrobe every year, I wouldn’t feel like me,” says Megan. Home decorating ideas country style “So, I try to teach my clients how to make sure their wardrobe evolves with them.” Journey to “Style Coach”

Megan’s own journey to Style Coach began with a style crisis of her own. Home decor ideas kenya After college, she was working in New York City as a trend forecaster — taking street style photography; reporting on the latest in cutting-edge boutiques like Louis Vuitton, Bergdorf Goodman and Zara; and analyzing the runways and trending Pantone colors — all while taking continuing education courses at the Fashion Institute of Technology and Parsons School of Design. Home decoration with photos Megan’s own style predicament occurred while she was immersed in this New York City life, at the center of the fashion universe. Christmas home decorating ideas videos “Ironically, I was in a huge style rut. Interior home design color schemes I had gained a little weight, but I wanted to wear what the models were wearing. Decoration home pinterest I tried! I experimented a lot, but I didn’t know how to dress for the cold weather in a way that was stylish, and I didn’t know how to wear comfortable but cute shoes. Interior home lighting design I felt really stuck, and I didn’t love my wardrobe for the first time,” she says. Home decorating ideas kitchen She worked her way out of that funk by questioning how each garment made her feel, how it worked with her body and why it worked, ultimately realizing that she didn’t have to wear every trend if it didn’t work for her — she was changing, and her style was simply evolving with her.

Megan moved back home to Birmingham and began a blog that not only garnered attention, but also gigs doing photo shoots with magazines and fashion shows with Saks, Belk and Gus Mayer. Home decorating pictures on walls Along the way, she began to get requests for personal shopping, closet cleansing and styling. Home interior design kochi She said “yes” to every opportunity and juggled a huge load of fun projects, but eventually, she realized that it was becoming too much and she needed to pick a direction.

“I encourage my clients on a budget to think about ‘cost per wear.’ I’m honest when I tell people if they should invest in something or if it is not worth buying. Interior home design kerala I do this all day every day, so I’ve learned these things. Images for home decoration I feel responsible for sharing them with my clients,” says Megan. Home decorating ideas low budget Laying the Groundwork

In the first session, she works with the client to delve into personal style and body type, and get a really clear picture of their personal style and the qualities they want to reflect to the outside world. Decoration home and garden No matter your style preference or body type, Megan says it is 100% possible to marry any style preference to any body type. Interior decoration of a home And Megan handles the inevitable insecurities and body issues with an expert touch. Decoration of entrance of home “I’ve worked with women from size 00 to 30, and there is something that every woman doesn’t 100% love about her body. Birthday home decoration pics My job is to come at it from a very open-minded, loving place, because I don’t want to add to those insecurities, because I’ve been there. Modern home interior design lighting decoration and furniture We all have,” says Megan. Decoration home online “If a client is really struggling with body image, I have a lot of coaching exercises I’ve learned through various programs on how to coach them through it, to get out of that place of body hatred and to a more positive place. Home decoration tips And I’m so grateful that my coaching experience allows me to do that for my clients, because I know how important it is for me.” Megan says it is not uncommon for the sessions to open up to other aspects of lifestyle, because feeling your best is part of looking your best — they go hand in hand.

Then, it’s on to the closet cleanse. Home decor craft ideas diy “It’s amazing when we clean out the closet, because more often than not the client realizes that the things they’ve been buying aren’t in line with their personal style that we discovered in the first session. Home decorating ideas living room curtains They more clearly see what works for their body type and why,” says Megan, who often donates the discarded garments to YWCA’s My Sister’s Closet.

“Budget should never hold you back from the style you want,” says Megan. Home decor ideas living room budget “It’s about being smarter about your purchases, shopping at the right places, knowing what to buy to create a ‘capsule wardrobe’ that can mix and match like nobody’s business.” Shopping with a Fresh Perspective

Megan says that the shopping session is especially exciting, because it’s their first glimpse of their “ideal” style self. Interior home decoration for christmas It seamlessly melds body type with personal style, and the client sees, for the first time, what reflects the style they want to reflect. Home decor ideas on a budget pinterest “We’ve all had those horrible shopping experiences with awful lighting in awful dressing rooms and pushy sales people talking us into things that end up being a waste of money. Interior home lighting ideas So, I’m very stringent and adamant about making the shopping experience as pleasurable as possible, and oftentimes that means bringing the shop to my office or a client’s home,” says Megan. Home decorating ideas modern living room “I recently ordered some things online and pulled some things from Saks and Etc., brought it all to my office, set it up beautifully with candles and French music and brought in lunch.” Megan always focuses on finding long-lasting, quality items that will work with the client’s style, body type and what’s already in their closet, saving her clients money and enhancing the quality and diversity of their wardrobe.

“I’ve been there. Interior home decoration design I’ve bought things haphazardly, things that didn’t make sense with my wardrobe and things that didn’t make me feel great, and I was wasting money,” says Megan. Home decoration tips for indian homes “My clients tell me all the time, ‘I literally save money working with you.’ And that’s the goal. Home decorating ideas uk They might be buying nicer things, but they are versatile, quality items that work with what they already have.” Building Outfits & Beyond

The final steps are creating outfits, teaching clients how it all comes together, so it’s easy to just pick an outfit, wear it and go! Megan has formulas for everything, from accessorizing and styling tricks to creating more advanced outfits, which her left-brain clients especially love. Home decoration pictures free “It’s not about ‘this looks good’; it’s about ‘ why this looks good,’ so they can replicate when I’m not around. Decoration home style What’s the point in giving them a bunch a scarves or jewelry if they don’t know how to wear them? Otherwise, it’s a waste of their money. Decorating home gym ideas So, I want to make sure I give them that skill set, whether they want to keep it basic and easy or take it to the next level.” Megan has clients who love to continue their education and experiment and grow, while others have confidence in their foundation and the basics and just want to get a refresher every now and then.

Megan says that she’s a big believer in letting time work its magic. Home interior design websites india If you’ve dressed a certain way your entire life, you’re not going to change overnight. Interior home designs of rossendale “I’m never going to make a client wear something that doesn’t feel authentic to them. Home decorating ideas for january It’s a process, and it takes time,” she says. Home decoration tips hindi me “So when we get together in the spring, I’ll push you this much. Home decor tips 2015 In the fall, you’ve grown; you’ve learned; you feel better; you feel more stylish; it gives you confidence. Home decorating tips for beginners You’re ready for the next stage. Decoration of home walls So, it’s just baby steps.”

Megan does not advise people to clean out their closets until they have identified their personal style, so that they can be intentional about the decisions they are making as they weed out garments. Home decorating ideas with photos Megan Today

Megan’s unique skill set has become so sought after across the Southeast, she reached a saturation point. Home interior design quotes She even had a waiting list for her one-one-one “VIP” clients. Home decorating ideas for the living room She hated saying “no” to people in different regions or in different price brackets — anyone hungry for a style transformation. Home decorating ideas videos So she thought outside of the box and created Style Yourself Chic, an online course offering her style journey of self-discovery via online self-study sessions. Homemade interior decoration Now, Megan juggles her one-on-one VIP clients, her virtual Style Yourself Chic clients, style seminars and appearances, as well as work with her favorite charities. Decoration item home And she’s never felt happier, more fulfilled or more herself.