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A Gym Leader (Japanese: ジムリーダー Gym Leader) is the highest-ranking member of a Pokémon Gym. Different types of paint for art The main job of a Gym Leader is to test Trainers and their Pokémon so that they are strong and resourceful enough to compete against the Elite Four in the games or the Pokémon League in the anime. Different types of art majors If a Trainer defeats a Gym Leader in battle, then the Trainer earns that Gym’s Badge.

A Gym Leader’s job is not just to test upcoming Trainers.

Different types of artificial nails They must oversee how their respective Gym is run and maintain it. Different types of art appreciation Great care must be taken to make sure that their Gym reflects the best environment for the Pokémon type and playing style of choice, usually an environment that suits that type of Pokémon used there (like pools in a Water-type Gym or flowers and plants in a Grass-type Gym). Two types of art According to Morty, teaching young people how to battle with Pokémon can also be the job of a Gym Leader.

It has not exactly been made clear how Gym Leaders attain their position, but it appears that it varies for each Gym. Types of art styles list Some of them founded their Gym and are self-appointed; others, such as Whitney, are chosen by the other members of the region’s Pokémon League. Different types of arthritis in hands A few appear to be passed on through families: Janine, Falkner, and Flannery all take over their respective Gyms from a close family member. Different types of art form However, Gyms do not necessarily belong to a particular family; Roark and his father Byron are both Gym Leaders at the same time, in different Gyms. Types of art genres Leaders can also choose to vacate their position; examples include Koga, Giovanni, and Wallace.

Nearly all Leaders rely on a single type of Pokémon. Different types of styles in art For example, Erika uses only Grass-type Pokémon in official Gym battles. Different types of art names Some Leaders, however, stray from this mold, albeit rarely. Types of art paint brushes This is evidenced by the different types used by Blue during his reign as the Gym Leader of the Viridian Gym in Generations II and IV, although he is the only Gym Leader to do so. Different types of art and design portfolios However, many Gym Leaders have one or two Pokémon that stray from their type theme.

Geography and climate can often be connected to the type of Pokémon the Gym Leader of that area uses. Types of art tools Pastoria Gym Leader, Crasher Wake, uses Water-type Pokémon, a direct allusion to the flooded marsh that surrounds the area and the constant downpour that plagues Pastoria City. Types of art themes Another example of this is the Cinnabar Gym Leader, Blaine, who uses Fire-type Pokémon and lives in a volcanic area.

The character archetype can also reflect the type of Pokémon a Leader uses. 6 types of art For example, Roark and Byron, who are both miners, use the related Rock- and Steel-type Pokémon. Types of art forms Tate and Liza could be based on the archetype of twins who can communicate telepathically, and thus train Psychic-type Pokémon and being twins, they also battle opposing Trainers in Double Battles, being the only Leaders to do so.

A Leader (Japanese: ジムリーダー Gym Leader) is the Trainer class name given to the Gym Leaders when they are battled in the Pokémon games. Types of contemporary art Despite Gym Leaders themselves being introduced in Generation I, the name did not appear onscreen until Generation II, and has been incorporated into every game since. Different types of article 15 Gym Leaders are integral within the Pokémon universe. What are different types of arthritis In order for one to advance in the game, the player must occasionally challenge and defeat the leader of a Gym. Different types of art and examples Each game is designed in such a way that the player will not be able to move forward until they receive a Gym Badge which will, in turn, either allow them to use an HM to overcome natural obstacles, or trigger a necessary event to continue with the game. Types of media in art It is one of the player’s main objectives to collect eight Gym Badges, allowing him or her to challenge the Elite Four.

Leaders do not seem to be required to be in their Gyms at all times. Types of visual art styles Giovanni, for example, could keep his title as a Gym Leader despite not being at the Viridian Gym during the majority of the events of Generation I, and his successor, Blue, was also absent from the Gym several times. Types of fine art paint brushes Beginning in Generation IV, Leaders are increasingly encountered outside of their Gyms, evident in the remakes Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, where the Leaders have to be found in different locations at specific times before they can exchange phone numbers with the player for a rematch at the Fighting Dojo. Different types of art paint Some Leaders even appear across regions, such as Jasmine appearing in Sunyshore City, Crasher Wake on Route 47, and Maylene in Celadon City. How many types of art are there Leaders can even challenge other Gyms and the Elite Four (like Volkner wanted to do). The types of art In later games, it is made apparent that Gym Leaders know each other and are acquainted with Gym Leaders from other regions, as well as with members of the Elite Four and Champions. Types of art criticism Examples of this are Jasmine being friends with Erika, Volkner being friends with Flint, Brawly training with Bruno, and most Unova Gym Leaders coming together to fight Team Plasma’s Seven Sages.

In addition, some Gym Leaders may be required to use Pokémon different then their usual team, such as Cheren in Black 2 and White 2. Different types of abstract art Due to their higher AI compared to regular trainers, Gym Leaders are also one of the few Trainers to employ the use of Potions when battling.

In addition to Gym Leaders, there are also Gym Trainers. Different types of fine art While not an official Trainer class, they are Trainers that are either a devotee or apprentice to the Gym Leader, who follow the same type theme as the Leader does. Different types of roman art It is usually necessary to defeat multiple Gym Trainers before challenging the Gym Leader. Different types of art careers Some Gyms in the game require the player to solve a puzzle, and one must often use Gym Trainers as obstacles to reach the solution. Types of art pencils They have no direct impact on the overall plot, other than rarely offering the player helpful advice. Different types of art jobs It is also worth noting that the type of Trainer appearing in a Gym will depend on the Gym itself. All types of art styles For instance, Gardenia employs Aroma Ladies and Beauties, exclusively, while Misty recruits Sailors and Swimmers; these Gym Leaders represent the types Grass and Water, respectively.

In the anime, Trainers challenge Gym Leaders at their respective Gyms in order to earn Badges. Different types of art lines If a Trainer earns eight Badges from one region, they become eligible to enter that region’s Pokémon League Conference.

There are more than eight Gyms (and thus Gym Leaders) in each region. 5 types of artist Many Trainers in the anime been shown to have Badges that do not exist in the games, such as Gary Oak earning ten Badges in Kanto. Types of visual art Other Badges observed in the anime which do not correspond to known Badges suggest that there are at least nine Gyms in Hoenn, 11 in Sinnoh, 14 in Unova, and 11 in Kalos. Types of art education 11 Gyms have been shown on-screen in Unova.

After Ash defeats the Gym Leader and wins a Badge, the Gym Leader rarely make an appearance afterwards, with the exception of Team Rocket boss Giovanni, and Gym Leaders who are his traveling companions or their relatives.

In the Pokémon Adventures manga, Gym Leaders have the same jobs as in the games and anime, but are also shown to throw away their role as Leader and pursue other goals. Different types of martial art Some Gym Leaders even become evil, such as Koga, Lt. Types of art styles painting Surge, Sabrina, and Pryce. Types of modern art In order to become a Gym Leader in Adventures, one needs to fight a Trainer chosen by the Pokémon Association and win in front of them without letting one of their own Pokémon faint. Types of art wiki The one exception to this rule seen so far has been by Blue when he defended the building where Red took his exam, since Red had to decline becoming a Gym Leader due to an injury, despite having passed the exam. Types of art paintings Some Gym Leaders have jobs outside of their Gyms, but some of them focus solely on training their skills.

Gym Leaders are highly respected in their respective home regions and usually in other regions as well. What types of art are there When crises emerge, it is highly probable for Gym Leaders to gather to discuss about the situation that has befallen the region and what to do with it:

• Seven of Hoenn’s Gym Leaders gathered at Fortree City during the Ruby & Sapphire chapter to decide which team — Team Magma or Team Aqua— they should support. Types of art movement When the crisis escalated, the Gym Leaders turned their attention towards the super-ancient Pokémon instead.

• Six of Unova’s Gym Leaders gathered to protect the Nacrene Museum from Team Plasma’s advance during the Black & White chapter. List of types of art styles Their plan ultimately failed, and Team Plasma took them hostage.

• All of the Kanto and Johto’s Gym Leaders were called up for a tournament held at Indigo Plateau (which was interrupted by the Masked Man) to fight as teams to see which region had stronger Gym Leaders. Cool types of art The Kanto team won with four wins, three losses and one draw.

In Pokémon Gold & Silver: The Golden Boys, Gold meets many Gym Leaders in his travels, as it is his goal to collect all eight Gym Badges. Different types of artificial satellites The first Gym Leader challenged by Gold was Falkner, who he defeated in Falkner The Bird Keeper’s Challenge!!. Different types of media in art He defeats Bugsy in Get up Again, Bayleef. Different types of contemporary art He meets Whitney in For Pikachu’s Sake!! The Search For The Missing Farfetch’d and loses to her in battle, so she takes away his Pikachu temporarily. Different types of artwork Whitney travels with Gold for a while, arriving at the Pokémon Summit, a conference for Gym Leaders and Pokémon researchers, in Gold and Black VS Team Rocket. Different types of art for preschoolers Gold finally defeats Whitney in A Promise Given to Miltank, earning his Pikachu back as well as the Plain Badge.

In Let’s Fight! The Mini Pokémon Tournament, Morty offers Gold the Fog Badge for free, as he is unable to battle him at the time due to other commitments and he believes that Gold has already demonstrated his fighting skills by defending the Pokémon Summit against Team Rocket. Different types of painting art However, Gold refuses, insisting that he must battle Morty another time and earn the Badge properly. Types of art majors He meets Jasmine in A Spectacular Battle To Save Ampharos and Chuck in The Secret Of The Fighting Type Pokémon. How many types of art As the manga ended abruptly, Pryce and Clair never appeared, nor did the Pokémon League.

• Even though there are 51 known Gyms in the games, with 58 Gym Leaders among them, there has not yet been a Gym specializing in Dark-type Pokémon, although there have been three Elite Four members; Karen, Sidney, and Grimsley, as well as an Island Kahuna, Nanu. 2 types of articles All the other seventeen types have at least one Gym associated with them. Types of digital art styles Electric-type specialist Gyms appear in five of the six regions that feature Gyms.

• For Setting the World on Its Buneary, Professor Oak’s Big Pokémon Encyclopedia is about Gym Leaders. Different types of japanese art He writes this senryū about them: 「ジムリーダー いのちをかけて かかってこい」 “Gym Leader, put your life on the line and challenge me.”

• In the games, every Gym Leader has at least one Pokémon in his or her party that knows the TM move he or she gives out upon defeat. Types of art courses Former Gym Leaders do not count in this, as Wallace when he is faced as Champion and Giovanni when he is faced in Generation IV do not have Pokémon that know the move they gave out as TMs when they were faced as Gym Leaders in previous games. Different types of art designs Koga, despite not being a Gym Leader in Generation IV, has several Pokémon that know Toxic, the move he last gave out as a TM.

• From Generations I-V (not counting remakes), every move that was in a TM given out by a Gym Leader was a new move for that generation, and many of them were rarely (if ever) seen on any other Pokemon in the generation they were introduced. Types of art drawing This trend has been broken in Generation VI, where only three Gym Leaders—Viola, Korrina, and Valerie—hand out TMs with moves new to the generation.

• In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire, and Emerald, the player can continue the game without defeating Winona of Fortree City until attempting to battle the Elite Four.

• In Pocket Monsters: The Animation, it was mentioned that the position of Gym Leaders was very unforgiving, as it had a three-strike rule stating that if a Gym Leader lost three times in a row, the Gym will be disqualified. Types of art work It also revealed that being a Gym Leader was costly, leaving little pay, and the government can’t provide for them. Different types of art list It also revealed that the rather brutal nature of Gym leading was one of the reasons why Misty’s and Brock’s parents ended up abandoning them to Gym duties.

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