Ex-pete keeps them in stitches _ peterborough examiner

The Barrie Colts rugged, six-foot-two, 195-pounder, a native of Falconbridge, Ont. Legitimate work from home near Sudbury, sports a long, bushy black beard and delivers some of the best bone crunching hits in the OHL on a nightly basis.

That’s right, Lizotte has his own clothing line. Work from home jobs for moms in pune Not only does he design the items in his Coin Supply line, he actually makes them himself at home on his own sewing machine.

“To me, it’s a great balance,” the Colts veteran says of his two loves, hockey and fashion design.

Legitimate work from home jobs dallas tx “It’s quite different from what I do on the ice. Work from home jobs for big companies I’m kind of in your face. Free work from home jobs I’m kind of crazy on the ice, so this kind of side of me (fashion) is a nice kind of balance and a good stress reliever.

While Lizotte has loved the game of hockey since he was a child, his interest in fashion only developed some three years ago while he was in Peterborough, where he played 142 games with the Petes from 2013 to early 2016 when he was traded to Barrie.

All Petes players attend Thomas A. I want to work online from home Stewart Secondary School in Armour Road, which happens to have an integrated arts program. Work from home data entry houston He took the course world of fashion, figuring why not? He likes clothes, likes shopping for them and was interested in textures and fabrics. Work from home data entry jobs vancouver To his surprise, the course included sewing.

His first piece drew attention, more so than he’d ever received after wearing a store-bought item. How to work from home for free The attention motivated him to keep going, he says.

“It was cool. Easy work from home jobs for moms My vision, my style was picking up. Work from home jobs for civil engineers It was really cool to see other people like what I was creating and my (sense) of fashion.”

“Looking at different clothing, I could picture easily what I would do with it. Work from home moms If I see the fabric, I can envision what I can do with it. Work from home jobs for disabled veterans Right away, I know what I can do.”

“Let’s just say my parents don’t want to take me shopping too much,” the 19-year-old said before laughing out loud. Legitimate work from home jobs usa “Definitely I take pride in how I look. Work from home on the internet The first impression when someone sees you is something that really intrigued me to kind of have a look.

“Someone will judge you and respect you to the certain person you are by the way you look, so I definitely always try to look the best I can.”

“Once I started working with the fabrics and everything, I kind of fell in love with the types of fabrics, different textures,” he said. Legitimate work from home jobs in nj “I kind of really enjoyed the fabric side of stuff and it made it a lot of fun to kind of make stuff out of whatever you want.”

“My demographic right now is kind of toward my sizing and my style,” he added. Free online work from home daily payment “I do a lot of men’s (clothing) and not much kids. Online work from home ontario It’s all handmade by myself, so I can make whatever size is needed.”

“It’s definitely sophisticated casual,” Lizotte said. Legitimate work from home jobs uk 2014 “It’s all casual wear, but I kind of put an edge to it to make it a little more sophisticated than the average streetwear you’d find. Online work from home genuine I like to put in a bit more detail than just casual wear.”

“I’m from Sudbury and it’s kind of like the nickel capital of the world,” said Lizotte, a native of Falconbridge, located just outside Sudbury. Legitimate work from home jobs 2014 “It’s where change comes from (our) coin.”

As for sales, things are going well. Online work from home in delhi Lizotte sells his clothing through his social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram and on top of that about once a month he runs a pop-up shop on the Barrie Molson Centre concourse during a Colts game.

“Orders coming in from guys on other teams in the OHL are pretty cool,” Lizotte said. Online work from home in usa “Even guys at the NHL level. 6 easy ways to work from home (Former Pete) Ryan Spooner (Boston Bruins) has contacted me. Work from home programs He likes the stuff, so it’s kind of cool.

“I hooked up Todd Bertuzzi (retired Detroit Red Wings forward). Can i work online from home He’s from Sudbury, so it’s really nice. How to work from home legally (Former Colt) Joe Blandisi, I got him a shirt.”

The Colts blue liner can’t say enough about the support he has received from his teammates and friends in the hockey community who have helped him get his Coin Supply line out there.

And from his parents who have provided guidance and pitched in with some things like running the Coin Supply booth at Colts games while he’s on the ice.

While all this keeps him busy off the ice, it’s all worth it with the pride he feels every time he sees someone wearing something he designed and made.

“I wore it and I got a lot of compliments (and people asking) where I got it and where did I buy it,” Lizotte recalls. Work from home jobs for senior citizens “It was a really good feeling. How to work from home with a baby A real motivating feeling to keep going and realizing that I actually have good taste in what I’m doing.

Lizotte stays with seasonal clothing, working now on making more jackets and hoodies than in the summer when he’ll return to making more T-shirts and tank tops.

As for what’s available, he says it’s a matter of what fabric he has in stock. Work from home jobs for housewives in delhi Lizotte admits, being an artist, he doesn’t like painting the same picture and that means he likes doing one-of-a-kinds and then onto the next one.

“Before I was following other orders instead of being creative myself,” he said. Work from home data entry legitimate “I had to slow down in that department, because it was getting too much.

“Eventually I’ll be doing mass production. Work from home data entry salary That’s where the true money comes. Work from home data entry no fees Right now, it’s for the love of it. Online html work from home Hopefully down the road we can take that next step and it’ll be really cool.”

“Definitely be a brand that everyone knows,” Lizotte said. Work from home data entry philippines “I want to dream big and if Coin can be as big as possible, I’ll do my best to pull my brand in the best way.

“I’m thankful that I found something I really enjoy other than hockey because I know some guys after hockey they’re kind of struggling as to what drives them,” he said. Legitimate work from home jobs in virginia “I’m grateful that I do have this fallback plan and hopefully I can take both hockey and fashion as far as possible.”

At this point, he is balanced in his two passions. Work from home data entry jobs in kolkata He would never turn down a shot at the NHL and has learned that hockey will always help his fashion. Good work from home jobs for moms He relishes the network hockey provides.

“Without them I wouldn’t even get going. How to work from home part time They’re my support system. Work from home jobs vancouver wa My mom loves it, too. Online work from home no investment She’s a stay-at-home mom. From home work This is so fun for her. From home to work I get my arts side from my mom.”