E-cigarettes_ separating fiction from fact

Some people may use that promise of a fresh start to trade their tobacco cigarettes for an electronic cigarette, a device that attempts to mimic the look and feel of a cigarette and often contains nicotine.

The U.S. Quit smoking cessation Food and Drug Administration (FDA) describes an e-cigarette as a battery-operated device that turns nicotine, flavorings and other chemicals into a vapor that can be inhaled. Benefits of quitting smoking after 3 years The ones that contain nicotine offer varying concentrations of nicotine. Quitting smoking hypnosis effectiveness Most are designed to look like a tobacco cigarette, but some look like everyday objects, such as pens or USB drives, according to the FDA.

“Nicotine or flavorings are dissolved into propylene glycol usually, though it’s hard to know for sure because they’re not regulated,” explained smoking cessation expert Dr. Benefits of quitting smoking now Gordon Strauss, founder of QuitGroups and a psychiatrist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. What does smoking cessation mean “Then, when heated, you can inhale the vapor.”

The process of using an e-cigarette is called “vaping” rather than smoking, according to Hilary Tindle, an assistant professor of medicine and director of the tobacco treatment service at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center.

Quit smoking cessation nation She said that people who use electronic cigarettes are called “vapers” rather than smokers.

Although many e-cigarettes are designed to look like regular cigarettes, both Tindle and Strauss said they don’t exactly replicate the smoking experience, particularly when it comes to the nicotine delivery. Smoking cessation hypnosis audio Most of the nicotine in e-cigarettes gets into the bloodstream through the soft tissue of your cheeks (buccal mucosa) instead of through your lungs, like it does with a tobacco cigarette.

“People want to use e-cigarettes anywhere they can’t smoke,” Strauss said. Best smoking cessation programs “I sat next to someone on a plane who was using an e-cigarette. Smoking cessation therapy He was using it to get nicotine during the flight.” But he noted that just where it’s OK to use an e-cigarette — indoors, for instance? — remains unclear.

Wherever they’re used, though, he said it’s unlikely that anyone would get more than a miniscule amount of nicotine secondhand from an e-cigarette.

That, too, seems to be an unanswered question. 5 a smoking cessation Tindle said that “it’s too early to tell definitively that e-cigarettes can help people quit.”

A study published in The Lancet in September was the first moderately sized, randomized and controlled trial of the use of e-cigarettes to quit smoking, she said. Smoking cessation quitline It compared nicotine-containing e-cigarettes to nicotine patches and to e-cigarettes that simply contained flavorings. Laser smoking cessation side effects The researchers found essentially no differences in the quit rates for the products after six months of use.

“E-cigarettes didn’t do worse than the patch, and there were no differences in the adverse events,” she said. Smoking cessation laser therapy reviews “I would be happy if it turned out to be a safe and effective alternative for quitting, but we need a few more large trials for safety and efficacy.”

Strauss noted that “although we can’t say with certainty that e-cigarettes are an effective way to quit, people are using them” for that purpose. Generic smoking cessation drugs “Some people have told me that e-cigarettes are like a godsend,” he said.

Former smoker Elizabeth Phillips would agree. Cpt code for smoking cessation counseling 2012 She’s been smoke-free since July 2012 with the help of e-cigarettes, which she used for about eight months after giving up tobacco cigarettes.

“E-cigarettes allowed me to gradually quit smoking without completely removing myself from the physical actions and social experience associated with smoking,” Phillips said. Laser smoking cessation toronto “I consider my e-cigarette experience as a baby step that changed my life.”

E-cigarettes are not currently regulated in a specific way by the FDA. List of smoking cessation drugs The agency would like to change this, however, and last April filed a request for the authority to regulate e-cigarettes as a tobacco product.

The attorneys general of 40 states agree that electronic cigarettes should be regulated and sent a letter to the FDA in September requesting oversight of the products. Laser smoking cessation nyc They contend that e-cigarettes are being marketed to children; some brands have fruit and candy flavors or are advertising with cartoon characters. Benefits of quitting smoking weed And, they note that the health effects of e-cigarettes have not been well-studied, especially in children.

“It’s not the nicotine in cigarettes that kills you, and the nicotine in e-cigarettes probably won’t really hurt you either, but again, it hasn’t been studied,” Strauss said. What is smoking cessation therapy “Is smoking something out of a metal and plastic container safer than a cigarette? Cigarettes are already so bad for you it’s hard to imagine anything worse. Smoking cessation statistics But, it’s a risk/benefit analysis. American cancer society smoking cessation training For a parent trying to quit, we know that secondhand smoke is a huge risk to kids, so if an electronic cigarette keeps you from smoking, maybe you’d be helping kids with asthma or saving babies.”

“More and more middle and high school kids are using e-cigarettes,” Tindle said. Treatment for smoking cessation “Some are smoking conventional cigarettes, too. V code for smoking cessation counseling The latest data from the CDC found the rate of teens reporting ever having used an e-cigarette doubled in just a year. Smoking cessation hypnosis london We could be creating new nicotine addicts. Smoking cessation self hypnosis We don’t know what the addictive properties of e-cigarettes are,” she added.

SOURCES: Hilary Tindle, M.D., assistant professor of medicine, and director, Tobacco Treatment Service, University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Pittsburgh; Gordon Strauss, M.D., psychiatrist, Lenox Hill Hospital, and founder, QuitGroups, New York City; Elizabeth Phillips, Philadelphia; Sept. Smoking cessation billing guidelines 2015 9, 2013, The Lancet, online