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For you to feel secure about how Servicestart handles information we have put forward your user and privacy policy below. Garden landscaping cost uk General information about how works

Servicestart Ltd, company number 6009640, (“Servicestart”) offers a channel through which users are put in contact with a companies interested in providing the service uses have posted request concerning.

It is free to post a request for a service. Front yard landscaping ideas nz Providers who sign up to pay a small fee in order to be able to contact the User. Front yard landscaping ideas san antonio A request for service is closed automatically if five interested providers contact the User through the system. Garden landscaping derbyshire The User has no obligation to hire any of the providers who express interest in performing the service.

Servicestart takes handling of all information provided by you very seriously and respect your privacy.

Front yard landscaping without grass Servicestart Ltd is registered with the Data Protection Agency (number: uda335) and we do not sell, trade or share personal information with organisations or individuals not connected with the Service. Cost for garden landscaping By registering a request on Servicestart you enable a few service providers the possibility to contact you. Rock garden landscaping photos In order for them to provide you a price quote for the job your contact details will be displayed to those providers who are interested in helping you and pay a small fee. Front yard landscaping gallery You can close your request at any time through your account on Servicestart as soon as you do not wish to get additional offers. Garden landscaping prices If you do not close your requests yourself it will happen automatically if five service providers contact you through the Servicestart system or the project start date is due.

Apart from these interested providers Servicestart may also contact you to notify you about new information regarding your request, to ask you to give your rating on a provider you may have selected or to inform you about news concerning Servicestart’s products or offers from a partner to us.

Information given registered by the users on Servicestart is saved in a database owned by Servicestart AB. Garden design and landscaping courses Apart from the contact information (see handling of which above) information about your request is saved, e.g. Rock garden ideas for backyard which service category it concerns and the providers who contacted you. Front yard landscaping ideas san diego Servicestart uses this information to match your request to the right providers. Small front yard landscaping ideas pinterest Information about the request and your contact details are only displayed to a handful of providers registered on Servicestart and if applicable name and information of registered requests on Servicestart to contacts within your social network on the internet. Front yard landscaping rocks Apart from your contact information and the information in your service request Servicestart collects information about how you found our site through cookies which helps us to improve the site and configure it to your use.

If you disapprove of how we handle this information you cannot use Servicestart’s web service. Garden landscaping victoria In this case, you should not activate your request. Garden landscaping bridgend You may un-subscribe from news email or similar communication from Servicestart by clicking a link in these emails or by reporting it to Servicestart user support by sending us an email.

Every user takes responsibility for the information you register, that it is accurate and provided with honest intention. Garden landscaping kent In the case you have given wrong information you should correct this quickly through your account on Servicestart or by sending a message to Servicestart with details of the error. Front yard landscaping berms Servicestart has the right to close or edit information on a user account or information if there is reason to believe information is incorrect, misused or to follow the law. Garden landscaping east kilbride All users on Servicestart are encouraged to act respectfully of other users with whom you might come into contact with through the service.

Servicestart only acts as an intermediary of the contact between the User (person who post a request) and the Provider responding to this request. Garden landscaping ideas pictures uk Servicestart is not part in any of the potential business agreements which may occur between a User and Provider as a result of using our service. Garden landscaping malta Note that Servicestart does not have full control of all information provided by users of the site. Small yard landscaping ideas Please find our recommendations to our users planning to buy a service here Change of policy

Changes to this policy can be made by Servicestart by posting an updated version on the web site. Front yard landscaping ideas with rocks The latest version was posted on October 10, 2012. Garden landscaping images In the case of major changes to the policy Servicestart may contact the users by email to inform about this.

To see any information or service requests you have registered on the site please log in to your account. Front yard landscaping ideas edmonton Should you have any questions about your account or the information you have registered on Servicestart you are welcome to contact us. Garden design landscape software Please send an email to

It is free to post a request and there is no obligation to hire any of the companies offering you quotes. Front yard landscaping southern california The providers pay a small fee to be able to contact you and spend time on sending you and offer. Small garden landscaping ideas south africa Hence, please use the service in a responsible manner and reply to their offer, even if you decide not to accept it for any reason.

Your information is secure. Front yard landscaping ontario Your name and contact details are shown to a maximum of five providers and only after they confirm a serious interest in helping you. Garden rock painting ideas You receive an email from Servicestart as soon as a company wants to give you an offer. Front yard landscaping for ranch style house You are given the name and contact details of the company and access to the ratings and reviews from other users who hired the company previously. Front yard landscaping ideas pictures Your request is automatically closed when five companies have reported interest in providing you with their quote but you may close it before this at any time.

Please consider that a well-written request receives more and better quotes. Garden landscaping preston Hence, try to write a clear project description. Front yard landscaping ideas pinterest You may take use of the pre-defined questions to add as much information as possible about your job. Landscape garden wall ideas In addition, please use the free-text box to give your own description. Small front yard landscaping ideas cheap Compare quotes, ratings and qualifications

Once you have been put in contact with interested providers you are able to compare them. Front yard landscaping ideas with circular driveway You are given the company details and reviews from previous clients they have won through Servicestart. Landscaping a small garden ideas Make sure to ask the company for any additional qualifications needed such as professional licenses and certificates. Front yard landscaping ideas for colonial home Book an appointment

A personal meeting will give you the chance to ask questions directly to the provider and to evaluate how suitable they would be for your job. Small front yard landscaping ideas no grass The meeting will also allow the provider to better calibrate their offer and price estimate to you. Garden landscaping ideas for sloping gardens Many providers cannot give an exact price quote unless given the chance to meet and evaluate the project on-site. Garden landscaping for beginners Of course, this mainly applies to building projects. Rock garden wall ideas Select your provider and sign a contract

Once you feel confident you have found the right provider it is important that the job is performed according to expectations. Front yard landscaping ideas for townhouse Make a detailed agreement with your provider to cover time schedule, type and level of remuneration, inspection and quality control and guarantees. Front yard landscaping ideas with bricks Here are more tips