5 tricks for getting the best possible reception with your indoor antenna

If there’s one drawback to dusting off the old bunny ears, however, it’s that setting up your indoor antenna properly to pick up all of the stations in your area in crystal-clear HD can be challenging. Baixar tv digital gratis no celular After broadcasters made the switch from analog to digital back in 2009, finding a signal became a little trickier. Digital tv fcc That’s because with a digital signal you either get a clear picture or no picture at all. Digital broadcast tv For those who aren’t allowed or are unable to install an outdoor antenna on their roof, that means putting the antenna in just the right spot is more critical than ever.

Tv digital tv Even the newer, more advanced “flat” antennas that are multi-directional and don’t have to be “pointed” at a precise angle, like the highly-rated, popular Mohu Leaf, can still require a little work to get positioned just right to pick up the best signal possible.

Thankfully, there are some simple tips and tricks that will help you get optimal reception with your indoor antenna. Digital tv channel 9 1. Tv digital programm Find out where the broadcast towers are in your area

The first thing you need to do before even attempting to set up your antenna is to identify the locations of the broadcast towers in your area. Tv digital gratis gobierno Ideally, you’ll do this before you even buy your antenna because this will help you better understand how powerful the antenna will need to be to pick up the stations you want to watch.

There are a couple of excellent websites for locating TV signals in your area – TVFool.com and AntennaWeb.org. Channel 7 digital tv frequency Either of these online tools will allow you to input your street address and see a map outlining the distance and direction of the various broadcast towers in your area.

With that in mind, you should try to place your antenna as high as you can in your room (keeping in mind that you still want it near an outside-facing wall and by a window, if possible). Digital tv guide tonight In some cases, such as when the TV is down in a basement or broadcast towers are far away, this may mean placing the antenna up on a higher story or even in the attic, and it may require a slightly longer coaxial cable. Airtel digital tv online purchase Just make sure that you don’t get an unnecessarily long coax cable because long cable runs can degrade the signal. Digital tv deutschland 4.Keep the antenna away from any metal

Metallic surfaces near your antenna can cause interference with the digital signals and block your reception. Tv digital jetzt For example, if you place your antenna in a window but there are metal burglar bars or a metal bug screen just outside the window, this could cause issues. Digital tv antenna map Likewise, if you have a metal roof in your home, installing your antenna in the middle of the attic probably won’t yield positive results.

“Try to keep as much distance as practical from these [metal] objects (6 feet or greater is ideal),” Antennas Direct recommends. Tv digital gratis download 5. Digital tv over internet Test different antenna placements

While it would be nice to plug in your antenna and immediately start picking up every channel in your area in beautiful HD, the fact is you’ll probably have to test a few different locations for your antenna until you can find the position that offers the best results. Digital tv in my area Using the tips in this article, try out a few locations in your home. Digital cable tv Each time you place the antenna in a new spot, run a channel scan on your TV and see which channels are picking up. Digital tv schedule If you’re using a flat antenna, I recommend using clear adhesive tape to temporarily place the antenna when running your scans.

Steve Belk is on a mission – to show people just how easy it is to cut the cord and get rid of cable. Digital tv las vegas His website, Cut Cable Today , offers an easy-to-understand, step-by-step guide for getting rid of cable once and for all. Assistir tv digital online gratis globo You can follow Steve on Twitter @CutCableToday .

Although it’s axiomatic that with digital broadcast TV “you either get a clear picture or no picture at all,” my experience with digital antennae in the last few years puts the lie to that popular notion. Digital tv channels edmonton I live in Hollywood, the heart of the metro Los Angeles area, which is saturated with broadcast TV signals from relatively nearby transmitters. 9 digital tv guide But because I live in an apartment on the 4th floor overlooking the inner courtyard of a 5-story building, there seem to be countless complexities and reflections in the digital signal environment, resulting in marginal reception for many stations. Tv digital online gratis br This means an unstable and unpredictable signal on any given day at any given hour. Radio with digital tv channels So, frozen images, weird image mashups from different points in time, digital mosaics, artifacts and intermittent dropouts to black are common, routine even, in my TV viewing. Spectrum 8 digital tv antenna As is constant and continual readjustment of my state-of-the-art flat leaf antenna, to which I’ve worn an analog path in my carpet to the sliding glass balcony door where the temperamental antenna is closest to being happy, but never permanently so.


There is no turning back now. Digital tv channels nyc The invasion of the flat antennas has begun. Airtel digital tv online customer care Long live Get TV, This TV, Cozi TV, Bounce!, Movies! TV Network, Escape TV, Grit TV, and their digital multicast substation brethren which are even now subverting the cable conglomerates that refuse to acknowledge most of them. Digital tv media player The revolution is nigh!